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South Africa
Hunter: Doug Johnson
African Arrow Safaris
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This was the 2nd animal of my hunt and boy was it awesome. Almost a complete passthru on this beast. He went less than 100 yards! An explanation on how good the PH's are with AAS. When this Sable walked into the water, I had not even put my release on! I picked up my release and was fumbling trying to get it on. I looked over at Garry and shrugged my shoulders asking how good is this Sable, He replied with a hand movement that told me he was OK, but not a shooter. I eased back in my chair to drool at this animal and actually picked up my phone and moved towards the shooting window and took a picture of the Sable. I sat back down and after a few more minutes, Garry leaned over and ask if I was calm. I said yes and he said shoot this Sable. He had seen me fumble with my release and heard my breathing pick up rapidly and knew he had to calm me down. He did and the rest is history. The guys are GOOD! Thank you Garry. If you want a 5 Star Plus hunt, contact African Arrow Safaris!

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - September 2022
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Garry Pretorius
Number in Camp - 2
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