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Cody Carr

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Hunter: Neil Carpenter
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Average Rating 4.0
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

Do not get fooled by this Outfitters Glossy Photos and advertising campaign. My husband and l spent 6 days, walked 54 miles, glassed countless hours each day, drove many miles along logging tracks not to see one single animal. Our entire hunting group did not get a trophy bull Elk. Prior to posting this review, we did contact Cody Carr regarding our disappointment only to be told many different scenarios as to why we did not get an Elk. We have been hunting for over 45 years and we know when we are being told a lot of untruths. There is a big massive wolf problem in his area, the only thing we saw on our hunt were wolf prints everywhere we went. Cody Carr should not be allowed to advertise that you have an opportunity to bag a Bull Elk or Deer when it simply is not correct. I know this article will be disparaged by Cody Carr, but all I am saying is please do your research before booking with them. We all work hard for our money and I don't want to see hunters being taken for a ride.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

I am very sorry that Neil and his wife Pam from Australia were disappointed in the hunt as Neil was very pleasant to be around in camp and I can only assume that this was written by Pam. From the very beginning during orientation Pam did not want to sign the health/waiver form that is a requirement. This helps outfitters understand what sort of health risk a client might have and help determine safety measures that need to be put in place for the client. After orientation Pam's bad language clued me into what we would expect to see the rest of the week. I tell every client before the hunt to let us know if anything is bugging you during the trip as we cannot fix it at the end. Neil or Pam did not let us know until after the hunt that there was a problem. Midway through the hunt I had to listen to Pam tell us during dinner time how bad our President was. We corresponded after the hunt and I offered them a free hunt or a partial refund. It simply was not good enough and Pam went on to insult my wife's looks and character as well as mine. After talking to the guide it was clear that this was a difficult hunt to guide as they were limited with where Pam could access and be willing to go with her being cold. They had a tough week seeing only two bull elk and many deer throughout the hunt. Although there was only one bull elk and three deer harvested there were other animals shot at and missed during the week. It is no secret there are wolves and other predators in western states. We cannot control animals or the weather, but we will do everything we can to put clients on game regardless of the conditions we are faced. I wish every hunter the absolute best success during their stay with us. It's tough to live up to the expectation of a client with limited physical abilities when the only thing important to them is killing. I wish Neil and Pam the best and hope they find a hunt with high enough fences to keep them happy. All of us as hunters want to harvest animals, but realize that not every time we hunt is that possible. As sportsman this is why we call it hunting and not killing! Thank you for taking the time to hear the other side and please contact us with any questions!

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2019
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Brandon
Number in Camp - 8
Outfitter Cost - $6,550.00
Other Costs - $4,500.00
Weather Information
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