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Hunter: Vernon McNully
Ratings to date: 6
Average Rating 3.5
Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

I am writing this review after reading the outfitters response to James Holland's review. I am the hunter that shot the cow. I will say that there are a lot of moose in the area, and I did see moose everyday. My guide was an older gentleman who was very pleasant and friendly. I did enjoy getting to know him, however I did not enjoy riding around in the truck all day. I had discussed that even if it is legal there, I had no interest in shooting from a truck. That is not hunting to me. During the first two full days, I walked less than a mile according to my fitbit. Generally when we got out of the truck it was for the guide to smoke a cigarette. To answer Mr Cog's comment that I personally chose my guide, that is not true. The guides themselves, mainly Nelson, chose the pairings. I did not argue, and didn't see the outfitter again until Wednesday afternoon, so the opportunity to discuss it wasn't there. After the first two days in the truck, I again talked to my guide and mentioned I didnt want to shoot from a truck. The third day he said would do something different, and that turned out to be driving on the same type roads with the two of us on a four wheeler. I decided that the next animal I saw I would shoot, so when we saw a young 4pt moose and a large cow next to the logging road, I got off of the four wheeler and shot the cow. Over the next couple of days, I went and hiked around the country and got to see my guides hometown. Fishing was not an option when i asked about it. The country was beautiful and my guide was a very kind old gentleman. The hunt was not a hunt though, it was a drive around and shoot something from the road. If you just want to kill any moose and you don't care how you do it, then this would be a good place to go. The food was plain, but good. Cog mentioned in his response that we had fresh cod but that isn't true either. James also never took a shot at a bull, so he definitely didn't miss one at 80 yds. Its also a shame that he is throwing his cook under the bus, because she was very supportive of him and his operation. The cook did a great job, and kept the hunters and the guides laughing. As James mentioned, there were two guides who hunted hard and walked and called and their hunters had good experiences. I think that if the outfitter had checked back with the hunters at the end of day one, things would have gone better. I normally wouldn't write a review, but Mr Cog's response to the review by James needed to be addressed. Newfoundland has a lot of moose, and the scenery was beautiful, and the moose is delicious, but Mr Cog proved today that he doesn't mind telling a lie or badmouthing his own people for a dollar, and that isn't something that I can support. For the record, I was not disappointed in my moose. I have never had a big desire to hunt them, as I am an elk guy. I'm not angry about the hunt, and I am not trying to nitpick the outfitter, I just wanted to correct some things that were said.

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

Lets look at Vernon's reply and some of his contradictions #1 on the weather he says caught the tail end of a hurricane but was good after that ..then he implys it was windy all week then he says the first 2 days he didn't walk a mile according to to his fitbit . now I don't know about anyone else but certainly none of my guides are going to be out beating the bushes in a hurricane and wind storm even James said he didn't mind staying at camp the first evening because it was raining../ it wasnt raining !! there was a hurricaine on, what do you expect a guy who you called an old man (who had just turned 70 not 78 as you liars tried to imply)to do. As I remember no one went back out after they went out that morning after taking a beating. lets look at the real reasons here! he just admitted himself he had no interest in moose hunting, elk was his game. so his lack of interest turns into a fiasco for me that they are now trying to cover their ass on. Also Lets be clear on one thing, nobody shoots from a truck here and are not asked to.. that's just more slander.. but he brings in the legal question to just to demonize us a bit more. I'm sick of these armchair hunters taking pot shots at guys like us who have been doing this since we were kids everybody has problems once in a while and will normally take responsibility . i'm not at camp everyday but I am in touch.. there are dozens of camps here that never see their owners for the fall. my people are spoiled cause they know its only a ph. call and i'll be there with whatever they need so no worries if the grocery list dosent come thru or what ever. my staff have a responsibility to keep me informed of any issues which I immediately attend to, unfortunately when they don't there are only a few who will take responsibility. Fishing for trout is closed in sept. fishing for cod and mackerel on the ocean(which have been at camp most of the fall) is open for most of the hunt and would be available to anyone who asks except for when conditions are unsuitable and he just outlined there was a hurricane went thru with wind everyday. what in the hell do these guys expect!! With regard to the cook or any other of my staff I defend them to the full as I have done here with Ellis when necessary and I was more than diplomatic concerning my thoughts on the cook. While the Capt. has to take responsibility for the ship, the cook is just as important. I don't do up the grocery list or prepare the food so if its plain or otherwise don't expect any smooth over by me. being friendly is ok for for them it still ensures their tip but i'm the guy that has to take the heat. By the way Vernon, in closing Ellis was more than courteous to stop the vehicle and get out for a smoke after spending a few hours as you say driving around with you .to bad you have to demonize the (old guy) for his addictions just to draft your story..

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2016
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Ellis
Number in Camp - 8
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Windy Conditions
Weather Comments:
We caught the edge of a hurricane that came up the east coast. Very wet one morning. Good conditions after the first morning.
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