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Hunter: Fred Solinger
Ratings to date: 11
Average Rating 4.9

Hunter Comments
I recommend this outfitter

We had a hunt booked this December and the weather conditions were very poor, warm every day no fresh snow however Fred and his other guide did an unbelievable job finding cats. One huge advantage Fred has is the unbelievable private land he has access to. Nearly every private landowner lets him on theirs or through theirs to get to more public land. all the locked gates he has keys and the combinations for so very rarely do you hit a dead end. He has hunted this land since he was a small boy so he knows it better than you can Imagine. We were on cats every day and killed mine the fourth day and my buddies the fifth day they were both very good cats. Both make pope and young easily my buddies is very close to Boone and Crockett .We hunted off horses one day on foot another day on quads a couple days he does whatever it takes to get where we need to be. Very safe stock to ride and in good condition. I actually believe that Fred wants his hunters to get a Cat more than some of his hunters may actually want a cat. What I mean by this is he will do whatever it takes to get a cat within legal bounds. I have never seen an outfitter work this hard for his clients. This was my second trip to his place and was much more impressed this year than last year considering the weather conditions we were dealt. I harvested The first morning last year, a nice Tom. If you want a mountain lion on your resume this is the guy to go with. One thing the guide had said to me was that Fred may actually be part mountain lion in his thinking process. We had Fred and his guide help the whole hunt so it was two on two hunt and then after I harvested it was two guides for one Hunter great odds. I do not have any suggestions for them to make their operation any better from logistics to trophy care to their hounds it is all good. You can call me at 612-719-7763 with any questions in regards to my hunt thanks Fred

Outfitter's Response

None to date. If you are the outfitter please email us.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - December 2014
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 2
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Warm Conditions
Weather Comments:
Warm and very little snow
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