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Hunter: Dane Hanger
Premier Outfitters
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I recommend this outfitter

This my second year hunting Premier Outfitters. And as the year before everything was GREAT !!!!!!!! Mr. Clifford and his Staff Jimmy , Eric and Rachel along with a new comer guide Chris were absolultely great .Once agian I drew Eric AKA Mr. Whitetail as my guide, this year my father accompanied me on the hunt who has Rhuematory arhtritis , so the use of use of convetional archery equipment was not a option so he had to use a cross bow. Eric realley went the extra mile setting large comfortable stands and ground blinds for him to accomadiate the use of a cross bow. The was another hunter in camp who scored on gorgous 8 pt , this realley made the camp life very comfortable becuase small amount of hunters . As usual Rachel kept the lodge sparkling clean and the home cooked meals were absoultly some of the best I've ever had . The first day was rainy and cold pretty much miserable but the deer moved we both seen a bunch of small bucks and does . Eric knowing of my fathers illness went picked him up took him to a satalite camp to get him warm and out of the elements for a while before putting him out on the evening stand . Day two weather broke and got Cold I was put in a stand in the morning and then moved to ground blind within 100 yards of the prevous stand and in less than a hour man did it ever turn on I probally had 20 to 30 does, 10 to 15 bucks . In which 4 of'em are what I would of considered shooters one of which was a booner I just couldn't get a arrow through those saplings as they were chasing does .I did come to full Draw on a monsterously mature buck that judged to be in the high 160's as started to come threw the release he stoped and looked in my direction I noticed he only had one antler the other side was broken off about a inch or two above base . I would loved to have seen what broke him but seeing rubs in there as big telephone poles(I'am not joshing You) as high as my chest, I could only imagian. The next day Eric managed to slip in hang a climber and at my request he put father in it . Not seeing such huge bodied bucks before he passed on what we suspected to a 160 class Buck. Eric had figured these bucks out, the following day me and my Dad both seen shooters but failed to get it done. I hunt some where in the mid west every year. I've hunted with some of the best outfitters and guides in the buisness , Mr.Clifford runs first a class guide service and works hard at it , and Eric is the Best guide I've ever hunted with I swear he must of been a white tail in prevous life . Without any hesitation I would recommend Premier Outfitters to any one that is serous about wanting to hunt Mid West Whitetails.

Outfitter's Response

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2012
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 4
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Windy Conditions
Weather Comments:
It was windy and the full moon But it was the pre rut in the mid west so staying all day was must
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