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Canada Moose

Hunt Cost: $16,900
Travel Cost: $1,400
Attempts: 3

Date Killed: 09/25/2009

Jake's Difficulty Rating
Canada Moose 1

Jake rated each animal based on three criteria:

1.) degree of training probably required:
2.) element of danger...(either from the expected weather, terrain, or animal)
3.) the cost.

Zero would be the lowest, and three would the highest.

He did not take into account the difficulty involved in taking a P&Y caliber animal (i.e. mule deer, etc).


Taxidermy Photo

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Jake's Canada Moose Summary

I hunted Canadian Moose three times. Since the hunts in Newfoundland are much cheaper than out west, I hunted there two of the three times. While I could have tagged moose all three times as a gun hunter, I was strictly a bowhunter. I was able to tag my bull on the final day of my hunt. It was only one and one half years old, but it was a thrill for me....because it was my first bowkilled moose, and I got 304 pounds of meat....and I really like moose meat!! The shot was a little over 40 yards and the bull went 72 yards after the arrow hit him. The arrow actually penetrated the far side shoulder blade, after passing through the of the benefits of extra kinetic energy. That moose meat has been served at many wild game dinners that I have served to my friends.

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