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Bakcou Storm Review

Considered to one of the top eBikes on the market - we put that claim to the test

By Pat Lefemine, Founder

I've been using an e-bike for the last two deer seasons and I can say, unequivocally, that outside of my bow and my clothing, this is the most important piece of hunting gear I own for whitetail hunting.

E-bikes are built on a mountain bike frame, they all have an electric motor, a lithium ion battery to power the motor, and they all ride on fat tires.  They are designed for off-road terrain that includes trails, farm roads, and meadows.  They are silent, leave no scent, and can move you to your stand with minimal effort and more importantly, minimal disruption. 

But not all eBikes are created equal.  That is especially true of the new Bakcou Storm.  The Storm is one of the most powerful, and rugged eBike's I've ever seen.


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The bike is shipped direct to you and some assembly is required. I needed three small tools for assembly and like most men I refused to read the instructions.  The bike is easy to put together and it took me about forty minutes.  Had I read the manual; I could have cut that time in half!

Top Features

The Bakcou Storm has some incredible features, but one of the feature jumped out at me for public land hunters.  Some states allow eBike use so long as they are 750 watts or less.  With the Bakcou Storm you can adjust the wattage.  If I'm hunting public land (that requires a 750 watt bike) I can configure the bike to use 750 watts through the onscreen controller. As soon as I am back on private land, I can switch to the more powerful, 1000-watt option. That is a great feature.

Bakcou Storm eBike for Hunters
The 2020 Bakcou Storm Hunting eBike

In addition, the Storm has an integrated torque sensor when peddling.  If you have used other eBikes, then you know they can sometimes violently thrust you forward when peddling in a high-power setting.  With the Storm, you can keep your bike in high power, but it senses how much torque is being applied and adjusts accordingly.

The power on this bike is incredible, but the most striking feature of this bike is the ride. It is incredibly smooth thanks to a high-end shock and suspension system which is fully customizable based on your weight, and riding style.

Review Tests

For my review I recorded two tests: One of them was to use a GoPro and video how quickly I could get to my tree stand from my Ohio house.  And the second test was to demonstrate how quiet the bike is.

My treestand test took me down my gravel road, cutting across a newly planted clover field, across a culvert, then up a decent hill, I crossed a lush clover field, before turning and heading downhill to my stand.  It was approximately ¾ of a mile and it took me 3 minutes and only peddling 20 yards of that ride.

The quiet test was performed by accident.  I was recording a ride to check trail cams but as I drove into the plot, there were five deer feeding 100 yards away.  They kept feeding.  You can this on the video.  I literally rode into the field and they never heard me.  Eventually they spotted me and ran off. 

Technical Specs for the Storm


Bakcou Storm Specs
Bakcou Storm Specs

The bike uses a switchable 750 or 1000 watt Bafang ULTRA mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is widely recognized as the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors! 

There are two battery options available including a standard Lithium Ion battery and an extended range battery.  Bike range is up to 40 miles depending on a variety of conditions and factors. I have done 20 miles and had 20% battery left before I recharged - and that was on the standard battery.

The Storm's smooth ride is due to the use of MRK front shocks and RockShox on the rear. Shifting is done with a 9-speed Shimano Alivio Hill-Climbing gearing, and brakes are the Powerful Tektro Quad Piston Hydraulics in both the front & rear.  The bike capacity is 300lbs and the Storm itself weighs 72 lbs.

Bakcou Storm
One of the most powerful and smoothest rides on the market

Storm Accessories

Accessories are extremely well thought out and a great compliment to the Storm.  The bike comes standard with a rear frame that can accommodate two waterproof, 3-point panier bags.  They mount on a lower bar, leaving the top frame available to lash gear. The bags can be removed and double as a waterproof day pack when used with the included pack strap kit.   I was particularly impressed with the folding deer cart accessory.  This was extremely well thought out. It can be used as a deer cart - either on or off the bike, and when adjusted to lie flat can easily carry gear, hindquarters, or clothing.   Finally, an optional headlamp provides 2200 lumens of light with five power settings and hours of continuous use on a full charge.


When it comes to hunting, there is simply nothing better than an eBike. And as eBike's are concerned the Bakcou Storm is one of the best on the market.  The Storm is very powerful. I treid both the 750w and the 1000w options and found very little difference between the two settings until I started peddling up a hill, I could then feel the enhanced power. The bike is very rugged but the ride is extremely smooth thanks to the suspension system. It took me a few rides to get the settings just right but now it's perfectly balanced. Battery life was terrific and that was on the standard battery, not the extended run battery. I got 20 miles before I had to recharge the battery at the 20% mark.

Shifting was smooth and flawless, and the brakes are very powerful even when you're cranking. I loved the design of the panier bags and how they mount to a dedicated rail, not the top rail. That allows you to utilize the rear bracket unencumbered. The deer cart was exceptionally well designed although in all honesty if I kill a buck I will still be using my UTV. That's on private land, if you hunt public then the cart will rock. The headlamp is very bright at night and can be adjusted with 5 power settings.

Overall, this is a great eBike. It's design is exceptional, extremely powerful, and just fun to ride. The price point is higher than most eBikes but you are paying for the superior quality, features and technology.

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Where to buy?

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