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Review: Moultrie's New XV6000 cellular Trail Cam/Modem

Moultrie has New, even easier to use, cellular trail camera at an amazing price point

By Pat Lefemine, Founder was one of the first sites to review Moultrie Mobile - the revolutionary cellular trail camera system. New for this year Moultrie has announced the X-6000 line of cellular Trail Cameras with the XV6000 and the XA6000 models.

Like last year's X7000 series camera, the X-6000 series can be purchased for either a Verizon or ATT network. Since Verizon is strongest in my area, all my cams are the XV6000. Remember, the camera is attached to a Moultrie mobile account, not your cell phone plan.

The X 6000 series is like the 7000 from last year with some enhancements and new features starting with price.

Moultrie has dramatically lowered the price point on this camera which lists for $119. However, I have seen this camera on sale for under $100 at some retailers!  That is a great price point for any trail camera - but for a cellular trail camera that is a fantastic value.

Activating a new camera has been greatly improved and is now much easier thanks to the updated Moultrie Mobile App. You simply click on activate, then scan the bar codes on the camera itself. It takes literally seconds before you are up and running. For those of you who remember the first iteration of Moultrie Mobile - with all the firmware updates, wires, and specific settings - the X6000 is simple to setup and use. If you can use a cell phone, you can set up this camera.

Watch our video review on the XV7000i Moultrie Cellular Trail Camera

I currently have five XV6000 cams in the field. They have been reliable and take fantastic photos. And so far, the battery life has been impressive.

I do recommend you use Lithium-Ion batteries in all cellular cams and that includes the X6000. Also, if your XV6000 cameras are remote, do yourself a favor and buy a Moultrie external battery box. At my land in Pennsylvania I got 8 months of cellular pics with this combination.

One feature I like is the ability to shoot video on the X6000. When you set the camera to take video, it will take a photo for Moultrie Mobile, then it will save a video to the SD Card. Because of the bandwidth and battery limitations, the camera does not upload video files, however, they are available for you when you pick up your SD card.

Like last year's model, the X6000 Series is entirely configured through the Moultrie Mobile App and Website.

Watch the video to see how quick and easy it is to use this camera.

Once you unbox the trail camera, install your 12 Lithium Ion batteries. Now grab your cell phone and if this is your first Moultrie cell camera, download and launch the Moultrie mobile app.

Review the plans and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Then you simply click cameras, then activate. You can now SCAN the bar code on the 6000 and that makes setup a breeze. Select your plan and follow the prompts. Once Activation is complete, turn on your camera and it will attach to your new plan automatically. To customize your camera settings, go to the Moultrie Mobile App, find your new camera, and click on settings. Be sure to click SAVE and your camera is now ready to transmit photos.

Bowhunting Image
Trail Cam Photo taken by VX76000 Wireless Trail Camera

The improvements to the App go beyond ease of setup. New this year is interactive Mapping which shows you where your cameras are located. The app also has integrated image recognition which can distinguish a buck from a doe, a person, and a turkey. You can sort and filter images easily which is important if you are managing several hunting properties.

If you want a high definition pic, you can download that easily and since all of your images are stored on the cloud, there's no need to save all of those photos on your laptop. The app continues to evolve with some great new features and innovations.

The Moultrie X-6000 is a reliable, easy to use cellular trail camera. It is simple to activate, takes fantastic photos, has great features, and best of all it retails for only $119 ( but here's a hint, if you wait for a sale you can find it for under $100).

As always, good luck this hunting season and share some of those trail cameras here on!

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