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Review: 2020 Mathews VXR

Mathews took the best features of the Triax and the Vertix to design the 2020 VXR

When I received Mathew's new, Flagship bow for 2020 it was like having Deja vu - all over again.I opened the box and out slides a 28-inch axle to axle bow.It reminded me of the 2018 Triax which is also a 28-inch bow.But the closer I looked, the VXR also reminded me of the Vertix.First impressions were positive but I needed to shoot it.

I had a dilemma.The bow arrived exactly one day before I left for Iowa.Immediately following Iowa, I would be hunting in Kansas.With only a few hours of daylight, I needed to tune the bow, sight it in, and become completely comfortable with the VXR before I would even consider bringing it to the Midwest.I questioned if that was smart? Well, there was only one way to find out.I installed a Montana Black Gold Revenge sight, made a slight rest adjustment, and grabbed a dozen arrows.Thirty minutes later I was sighted in and putting arrow, after arrow into the bullseye.

To be honest, I was skeptical that I would shoot the VXR as well as my Vertix.But I did.I shot the VXR great.More importantly - the bow was fun to shoot!

If I was asked to describe the VXR in one word, it would be "evolutionary". It is short, and maneuverable like the Triax, but with all the shootability and smoothness of last year's Vertix.Mathews has taken the best aspects of both the Triax and Vertix and incorporated them into one sweet shooting package! Read on...

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Mathews Halon 32 finishes



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VXR Features

Mathews claims that the new riser platform also increased cam efficiencies and improved the effects of 3D Damping for less noise and less vibration than ever before.

A cool new feature for 2020 is the Silent Connect System (SCS).This optional kit enables hunters to attach Mathews' new bow rope and bow sling in the field quickly and silently.



Balance and Feel - I found the balance of the VXR to be superior to the Triax and almost as good as the Vertix.For such a short bow, it is very well balanced.

Hand Shock - I experienced no hand shock at all which is surprising for such a short bow.

Draw Cycle - The shorter axle-to-axle on the VXR is nearly as good as the Vertix - which is longer.It's hard to believe how nice the draw cycle is - especially on heavier bows like this one set at 70 lbs.

Speed - This VXR-28 added one foot per second at 344 FPS IBO over the Vertix.It's both a fast and stable shooter.

Accuracy - I thought it was going to be tough to beat the Vertix but I can honestly say that I am shooting the VXR just as good.



Mathews Halon Specs


I am very impressed with Mathew's new VXR-28! Especially since I killed a PY buck in Iowa, followed by another PY buck in Kansas! So judging by my hunting results - I'm really, REALLY glad I took the VXR with me.Short bows used to scare me, but after the Triax, and now the VXR, I am rethinking short bows!

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