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Review: 2019 Mathews Vertix

An upgrade to a winning platform - with some innovative new twists

I am always excited to get a new bow and that was no different with my 2019 Mathews Vertix. Like my previous bows, I had no knowledge of what was being sent, and the first time I open the box is the first time I'm learning anything about the bow.

My first impression was that it was similar to the Triax - except that the Vertix is a 30" axle to axle unlike the Triax which is 28. Like the Triax, the Vertix has a 6" brace height, utilizes crosscentric cam technology, and has an IBO speed of 343 FPS.

But that's where the similarities end.

Three things jumped out at me. The first was this amazingly innovative feature called 'Switchweight' Technology. With nothing more than an allen wrench I can change a cam module to adjust the bow weight. That's really cool. No more expensive limb swaps and trips to the pro shop. If I'm hunting whitetails, I can use a 60lb weight module. If I'm heading for brown bear, I screw in a 75lb module. That is incredible for guys like me who hunt a wide variety of game in any given season. It's also great if you ever decide to sell your bow. It's an easy swap out for the new buyer.

The other aspect that jumped out at me was how amazingly easy this bow was to tune. In 15 minutes, I had my fixed broadheads and field points hitting identical point of aim at 40 yards. Typically, I've given up long before I achieve anything close to broadhead and field point consistency.

I've never had great form so I spent much of last year trying to perfect my grip. That's the third thing I noticed about the Vertix, they improved the grip on the Vertix - and I love it. Mathews calls it the ENGAGE Grip and it's probably the best grip I've ever felt. Looking at the grip I can't really see much difference, but I sure feel it and it's helping to reduce my hand torque issues.

Vertix Characteristics:

  • Balance and Feel - I found the balance of the Vertix to be superior to the Triax. Triax tended to be a bit top heavy but the Vertix is perfectly balanced. And as I mentioned, I love the new Engage Grip.
  • Hand Shock - Mathews tests claim the hand shock is 20% less than the Triax. I won't dispute that, but I would say that 20% of nothing is still nothing. This bow is scary dead.
  • Draw Cycle - The longer axle-to-axle results in a perceived improvement in the draw cycle. It was better than the Triax and equal to the NoCam which was my favorite draw cycle.
  • Speed - This bow remained unchanged at 343 FPS IBO. It's plenty fast for me and very stable for a 30" axle to axle bow.
  • Accuracy -I'm experiencing my best, most accurate shooting with this Vertix. Part of that may be due to the new grip, but this bow feels like the arrows are are being sucked into the bullseye. I've experienced this characteristic only once before and it really makes shooting it enjoyable.



The Vertix is 30" axle to axle and utilizes Mathews Crosscentric Cam. The bow weighs 4.7lbs and clocks in at 343 FPS IBO. The vertix utilizes the 3D dampening technology which makes the bow quiet at the shot and completely shock free.

One new addition to the Vertix is the Dovetail Mounting System for the arrow rest. This provides a rock-solid mount for rests incorporating a dovetail design like Mathews new micro-adjustable integrated arrow rest. For those of you who are loyal to other rests, like a Ripcord Max Micro or other brands, the Vertix also accomdates a standard mounting option.

Draw weight options are 60, 65, 70, and 75lbs and changed with a simple module swap. Letoff is 80 and 85%, and draw lengths runs 26" to 30.5" in half inch increments.

Vertix Finish/Camo Options

Mathews Halon 32 finishes



Mathews Halon Specs
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Every once in a while you find a bow seems to be made - just for you. This Vertix is it. The ease of tuning, and shock free shooting, balance and accuracy all add up to a bow I just love to shoot. The improved draw cycle and balance addressed the only two negatives I had with last years' Triax. This bow is as close to perfection as any bow I've shot. I'm having a hard time coming up with any negative at all about the Vertix?

This review took a while to publish because the deer just wouldn't cooperate. That gave me time to really beat it up and shoot it under all sorts of conditions; heat, rain, snow, subzero temps - I hunted through it all. This is one sweet shooting bow. Go out and try one at your nearest Mathews Dealer!

Mathews Halon Specs

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