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Grade Breakdown by Resident and Nonresident

Residents: C+
Nonresidents: B
Individual Reports and Comments
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Idaho_Hunter (resident)
Buck Quality: A-
Deer Quantity: B-
Deer Management: D-
Bucks over 160 are increasing but the number of deer are decreasing. IDFG is a waste of tax money, simply suck at everything they do. I shot a 6x5 after four days out. Was not bad but fewer deer.
Steve Nelson (resident)
Buck Quality: B
Deer Quantity: F
Deer Management: F
The deer number are at the lowest I have ever seen in the 35 years I have hunted in Idaho
Chris W (resident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: B
Deer Management: B-
We are to liberal in killing does and young bucks... We should have point restrictions and fewer / controlled doe harvest
nijimasu (resident)
Buck Quality: B
Deer Quantity: A+
Deer Management: A
most hunters who resond to fish and game surveys ask for more quantity of deer and more hunting opportunity , rather than a few opportunities at a few big deer- so present policies are absolutely good
HUNT MAN (nonresident)
Buck Quality: C+
Deer Quantity: A+
Deer Management: C
No doe tags has the buck to doe ratio way out of whack. 20-1 I would say.
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