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Desjardins Outfitting

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Desjardins Outfitting
Name - Chuck DeLeeuw
From - Michigan
Username - Ibow

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Date of Hunt - August 2016
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 3

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There's just not more I could add to what others have said in the past about Alexis, April and their family. While of course being there for a bear hunt is why you go, being there with them just adds so much more to the total experience. I've seen guys post about coming in as "clients" but leaving as friends - it's true. Very true. They have a very unique way of making you feel as though you really are a part of their family. The food was amazing. We felt like we were eating Sunday dinner at every meal and just like at home, you ate your meals at their kitchen table with their family. And not only was every meal delicious, there was more than enough to go around - over and over. It was amazing. Thank you April - thanks for all your hard work. It was great! The hunt of course was terrific. Most of us have seen Alexis' spring and fall threads and we follow them like a teenager on Facebook. Our fall hunt was no different then what we've seen in the past. Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful bears, tons of them and beautiful country. Classic Manitoba in every way. It's so redundant for all who have hunted with Desjardins Outfitting but all I can say is the same as so many others have said - thanks so much for all your hard work and for such a great week. It was the most enjoyable week ever and we can't wait for a return trip!


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