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Snowshoe Lake Hunting & Fishing
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Name - Rob B.
From - Vermont
Username - Rob in VT

Overall Rating This Report: *****Excellent

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Date of Hunt - October 2004
Implement - Muzzleloader
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Stephen Grant
Number in Camp - 5

Did Weather Affect your Hunt?
Yes - Unusually Wet Conditions

Weather Comments:
Usually windy and wet. Rain and snow are common in October.


Hunter Comments -->>>

I have hunted at Snowshoe Lake three times (01, 03, and 04). It is a small family run operation with attention to detail and the ultimate goal of hunter satisfaction. Ron Hicks runs the operation with his mom Bernie in charge of the camp (cooking and keeping guest comfortable)and his dad John as head guide. You are able to hunt woodland caribou, black bear, moose, and small game. I hunted caribou all three times(and was successful all three times) along with purchasing a small game license after I tagged out. I was able to hunt Ruffed and Spruce Grouse and Ptarmigan. The guides are true woodsman and really know the country and the game they love to chase. It's an excellent camp and you won't regret going!


Outfitter Response:
The report as submitted is very accurate. Snowshoe Lake Hunting and Fishing has had the privelege of hosting and servicing Rob and his hunting party three times. They have enjoyed amazing success, in spite of encountering some harsh weather conditions. Their perseverance has paid great dividends.

In summation, our entire staff have garnered very rich, gratifying, and longlasting memories, not only in terms of enjoying much success together, but of meeting such caliber people. To that end, I must express our sincere thanks.

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