Food Plot Seed Guide


Alfalfa, is a long-lived perennial 1egume. Flowers vary in color from purple to yellow and are borne in loose clusters. The plant has a tap root which may penetrate deep into the soil. Alfalfa grows best on deep, well-drained, friable soils. Lands subject to frequent overflows or high water tables are unfavorable for alfalfa. The pH of the soil should be 6.5 or above.Cultipacking soil before and after seeding is helpful to establishing a stand. Seeding depths should be no greater than ¼ inch on finer textured soils and no greater than ½ inch on sandy soils Spring seedings can be made 30 days before the average date of last killing frost. Other dates of seeding may be made during the late summer.

  Planting Depth - 0.25" Recommended Planting
  Cost per Acre - $75 Spring Summer Fall Winter
  Minimum PH - 6.50 1 1
    Planting Rate - 15 lbs/acre*
Commercial Seed Guide Seeds for food plots
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