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TradTech Archery Adds Three New Risers to ILF Line-up

TradTech Archery continues to make the “First Shot Count” with the introduction of three new risers to their already extensive ILF Traditional Bow line-up.

First is the Apex 17 inch wood and phenolic riser, designed in the USA and custom made by Samick Archery. The Apex has already become TradTech's most popular ILF wood riser. Its Phenolic and Dymondwood construction yields a stiff, strong, muscular riser that retains the warmth of wood. This riser has a beautiful sweeping phenolic accent with dual radiuses highlighted by maple laminations. This highly contrasting phenolic and Dymondwoond wood riser catches the bowhunter's eye and the perfectly contoured grip cradles an archers palm. The Apex is beautiful, strong, and versatile. This riser does it all.

Next are the new Titan II and Titan III risers, taking TradTech's flagship Titan riser to another level. The Titan II and Titan III are evolved and refined traditional bow risers that retain the soul of the original TradTech Titan. What one immediately notices are new enclosed limb pockets and broadhead cutouts. The new limb pockets blend the junction of ILF limbs and riser into the beautiful sweeping curve that traditional bow enthusiasts appreciate but just as importantly add strength and durability. The Titans' unique broadhead cutouts add distinction and make the Titan II and Titan III risers perfectly balanced.  John Wert, TradTech Division Manager sees the 19” Titan as a hunting bow but expects it to become a very popular competitive 3D bow. The 17” Titan II is projected to be popular with bowhunters looking for a shorter more compact hunting bow. These new risers are designed and made in the U.S.A. by Olympic recurve experts. The Titans are ILF through and through and all ILF limbs are easily attached. TradTech Titans are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. These risers are totally adjustable and they offer special advanced features: PWS (pocket weight system) and MSR (Modular shelf radius for true center shot adjustment.) They come standard with a medium walnut grip but may be customized with low or high TradTech Titan grips. TradTech Titans are the leading edge of technology in traditional archery.

TradTech Archery is the online equipment destination for Traditional Archers and Bowhunters. TradTech caters to archers who value the beauty and simplicity of traditional archery while demanding modern performance and convenience.

The staff at TradTech archery is involved with the selection, and testing of all the products sold at TradTech also develops products in house, backing their brand by some of the most respected and trusted Traditional Archery Experts in the world. Target us on the web at or call 1-800-829-7408.

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John Wert
TradTech Division Manager
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