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Must-have Hunting products for 2012! Temptress Cow Call - Improved for 2012, the Temptress delivers the most realistic cow elk sounds with ease. The innovative "Tone Cap" decreases the amount of exposed reed for a consistent, no-stick response every time. Two holes in the "Tone Cap" allow a caller to change the tone and volume of the calls, making the Temptress the most versatile, consistent, and easy to use open-reed cow call available!

Bully Bull Grunt Tube - When it comes to grunt tubes, the Bully Bull is in a class of its' own. Claiming more Top 5 finishes at the RMEF World Elk Calling Championships than all other grunt tubes combined, the Bully Bull provides crisp, clean bugles on the stage and in the woods. The chambered tube with adjustable end piece amplifies all bull elk sounds, while creating the perfect amount of back-pressure and versatility. Combined with a Raging Bull or All-Star diaphragm, there is no deadlier combination for elk calling!

Heads Up Decoy - The cow elk decoy from Heads Up Decoy was designed to be taken anywhere, every time you go into elk country. Combining realism, simplicity, and mobility, the Heads Up Decoy is unmatched by any other decoy on the market, and allows elk hunters to conveniently carry, and more importantly, utilize, the decoy in the field. Weighing less than a pound, the Heads Up Decoy is a must-have for serious elk hunters.


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Corey Jacobsen, owner of Elk101 has been producing and selling some of the finest Elk Hunting products available to hunters. Elk101 has been a longtime sponsor of and Corey has built a tremendous following with our visitors due to their excellent customer service, willingness to help others, and most importantly their quality products! It's almost elk season so go check them out today!

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