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Cajun Archery's New Hornet LITE Arrow

Logan, UT- Cajun Archery, maker of high-quality and affordable bowfishing and archery accessories offers the first-of-it's-kind bowfishing arrow designed for lighter poundage bows. In bowfishing, penetration is king. This usually equals a heavy arrow pushed by a moderate poundage bow for maximum driving force. However problems arise when those shooting light poundage try and use arrows of the same mass. Issues show themselves in the form of lack of accuracy, arrow drifting and in some instances inadequate penetration of fish or water due to lack of overall arrow velocity and lower kinetic energy. Realizing this fact, Cajun Archery is proud to offer the new Hornet LITE, a premium bowfishing arrow specifically designed for those shooting bows with lower energy output.

When it was first introduced the Cajun Yellow Jacket arrow revolutionized the way people though about bowfishing arrow technology, it's higher-than-average mass weight and carbon/fiberglass weave was an excellent choice for durability, penetration and overall performance, but at an average of 1,100 grains this heavyweight isn't one size fits all. The new fiberglass, 21.4 grain per inch, black composite Hornet LITE whiffs the scales at 600 grains giving it enough weight to perform well on moderately scaled fish and in reasonable water depths. With a softer and more forgiving spine this arrow is designed for shooters with shorter draw lengths and specifically engineered for bows shooting 40 pound draws or less. At 28 inches long the Hornet LITE offers enough length to keep your line out front of your rest and riser for safety. Nocks and points are attached the same as all standard Cajun Archery shafts and is sold as either a blank shaft or a full arrow equipped with Cajun's Piranha point and AMS Safety Slide.

MSRP: Blank Shaft: $4.99
MSRP: Complete Arrow w/ Point and AMS Safety Slide: $15.99

Cajun Archery manufacturers, produces and distributes and extensive line of functional and affordable archery products including an extensive line of bowfishing products and packages. To learn more about their Hornet LITE arrow or, the full line of Cajun Archery products visit or call Toll Free: (800) 551-3076.



Bowsite Notes:

Bowfishing is a great way to introduce women and youngsters to bowhunting and archery and our hats' off to Cajun for producing an arrow that is better suited for lower poundage bows.

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