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Code Blue Doe Estrous

Birmingham, AL- Code Blue®, the industry leader in attractant scents, cover scents and elimination, is again offering its Doe Estrous™ attractant scent for 2016 for whitetail hunters interested in gaining a serious advantage on bucks.

With the understanding that a buck identifies a specific doe based on her scent, Code Blue guarantees that each bottle of deer urine is from an individual animal. Every bottle is fresh, certified and marked with the registration number of the individual deer.

Code Blue’s stringent and through collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh and—most importantly—collected from an individual doe in heat. The Code Blue collection process “From One Deer To One Bottle”™ captures true-to-life scent that cannot be rivaled by the competition, and the potency attracts rutting bucks like a magnet.

Doe Estrous is available in a 1 fluid-ounce bottle with an MSRP of $12.95.

For more information about Code Blue or other Code Blue products, contact Glenn Walker at [email protected] or visit

About Code Blue
The innovation and research that goes into collecting each bottle of Code Blue scents is the most intensive and true-to-life option available to hunters. First came Code Blue’s “From One Deer To One Bottle” technology, followed by the Standing Estrous product line. And Code Blue took scent elimination to unprecedented levels by applying molecular science—all to give hunters nothing short of the best scent attractants and odor elimination products available.

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