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Enter to WIN a Free Whitetail Hunt from Carbon Express

4-day/3-night all expenses paid dream hunt with Carbon Express and QDMA on Giles Island

Imagine this: setting foot onto an exclusive hunting paradise of 9,400 acres with a deer population of over 1,000 and a one to one buck-to-doe ratio. A land where the average buck weight is 200 pounds, the average Trophy score ranges in the mid 140s, an average day’s success is determined by your keen eye for wildlife management and is rewarded generously in Trophy bucks. Here is your chance to immerse yourself into the luxurious world of wildlife hunting just 15 minutes from Natchez, Mississippi, with Carbon Express at Giles Island - the perfect destination for the Ultimate Whitetail Experience.

  • Luxury hunting retreat located 15 minutes from Natchez, Mississippi
  • Over 1,000 deer with a buck to doe ratio of 1/1 on 9,400 acres
  • Cameraman included with each hunter

Hunt is scheduled for late October




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