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New Stack Rack from Viking Solutions

Viking Solutions LLC is pleased to introduce the all-new Stack Rack to an already impressive cast of lifting, loading and hauling products. The Stack Rack is an innovative response to an issue that faces many sportsmen and women. This is of course the issue of finding space to transport coolers, treestands, bow and gun cases and all the other essential products in an outdoorsmen’s arsenal.

In the standard configuration, the Stack Rack comes with a specially designed hitch-based basket that will accommodate up to a 70 quart cooler in the bottom compartment. With the support of a vertical post, the Stack Rack provides another level of carrying capacity that will allow the user to haul treestands and other bulky items above the lower basket. This two-level carrying system was designed so that the space inside the vehicle or truck bed could be saved for other important items when travelling to and from your destination. A convenient hinge at the base of the Stack Rack allows access to the interior of an SUV or the bed of a pickup by way of a simple pin removal.
The Stack Rack is also immensely handy for uses outside of hunting or fishing. It can be used on family vacations to transport bicycles, tent bags and any other item that tends to swallow up space in the back of a vehicle. This innovative carrying system is able to assist with business applications as well where additional carrying capacity is always a high priority. The Stack Rack is yet another product from Viking Solutions that has been specifically designed to eliminate the frustrations and problems encountered before, during and after an outdoor adventure.

Stack Rack Specs -
­Weight:  34 lb.
Dimensions: Basket size is 17” x 32” (Inside)
MSRP: $139.95

About Viking Solutions LLC:
Founded by John A. Woller, John Woller, Jr., and Ron Woller, Viking Solutions is a family owned company with over 60 years of combined manufacturing experience.  Viking Solutions prides itself on the development and creation of products that enhance the outdoor enthusiast’s experience, before, during, and after the hunt.  For more information, visit

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