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TightSpot - it’s most durable and reliable quiver ever

The new TightSpot has a four fastener crossbar system that provides a much more stable platform that
reduces vibration and allows for a more secure system on the structural carbon rods. The crossbar section
between the rods has been beefed up by twice the thickness to make it more rigid and a much stronger platform
without compromising weight.

TightSpot has also implemented a Delrin Saddle washer under the locking lever. This allows for a much smoother
operation of the lever and a much more durable locking system. Over all the new TightSpot quiver is the most
durable and reliable quiver they have ever made.

Also new this year is an optional secondary gripper for the 5 arrow quiver that can be attached to the carbon rods
near the hood. This secondary gripper allows the user to secure their arrow in two places while the tip of the arrow
is covered inside the hood but the blades do not touch anything.

Moving forward in the accessory line is the popular Treestand Bracket from last year. The bracket mounts to the
back of the quiver on the carbon rods so it is always with the quiver. It comes off in a snap and screws to the tree
where the quiver is then snapped into for a solid mount. No more fumbling around for a second arrow on a quiver
that dangles around your stand. The brackets will be available for the 5 and 7 arrow models only.

The TightSpot quiver will also be available in more colors than ever before. Be sure to check the website for the
latest update in color options.

All TightSpot models provide better bow balance, thanks to TightSpot’s patented 3-way adjustment system that
essentially allows your quiver to act as a stabilizer. They also kill vibration and noise five different ways and
feature acoustic dampening material in the hood and vibration absorbing carbon rods. The quivers feature
TightSpot’s patented BullDog™ Arrow Grippers that are individually adjustable and offer 20 times the gripping
power of other quivers.

For more information on the entire 2018 line of premium, high performance TightSpot quivers, go to

TightSpot Quivers
90 West Madison Suite D
Belgrade, MT 59714
Ph: 406-388-2546

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