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Meet the 2018 Mathews Triax

Corrine Bundy, Media Relations Manager
[email protected]
608 - 269 -2728

November 14, 2017


Sparta, Wisconsin –Introducing the ultimate stealth rig. The 2018 TRIAX is highly maneuvera ble, deadly accurate and the quietest, most vibration-free bow Mathews has ever built.

The TRIAX operates off a 28" ATA platform with a 6" brace height, and is powered by the award-winning, highly- efficient and extremely accurate Crosscentric™ Cam system producing speeds up to 343 fps.

"The high-efficiencies of this cam system allow us to design a draw force curve that stacks weight in specific areas to produce an incredibly smooth draw that stores maximum energy ," says Matt McPherson, CEO and Chief Engineer. While Crosscentric Cam technology achieves some of the highest efficiencies we've ever seen, no mechanical system is 100% efficient, and that's where our new damping technology comes into play."

The TRIAX features new 3D Damping Technology that works to control the three perceived axes of vibration stemming from the point of contact – your grip. The design and location of the new Enhanced Harmonic Stabilizer (EHS) diminishes all three paths of that residual vibration, drastically red ucing post-shot noise and virtually eliminating felt recoil. This new location also transfers weight in front of and below the grip for a lower center of gravity, resulting in increased stability and easier aiming.

We've found that some of our most demanding, hard-core hunters prefer a bow that is compact, easy to maneuver, extremely quiet and has crushing downrange energy, stated Brad Treu, VP of Sales and Marketing. Our goal from the beginning of the design phase was to develop the most vibration-free bow we've ever offered, and with the new 3D Damping technology, the TRIAX is without question, just that. Shoot i t next to any bow on the market and you'll feel the difference. There really is no comparison.

Go to Mathewsinc.com for full specifications, finish options, and more information on the 2018 TRIAX, and experience it at your local Mathews Retailer.

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