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Connecticut: Law Requires hunters to Register Taxidermy

On April 19th, SB 227 passed both the Environment and the Judicial Committee and is headed for the Senate Floor.

The bill makes it a felony to possess certain African trophies (Big 5). If a hunter owns such an animal prior to the effective date of SB. 227, they will be required to Register their Taxidermy with the State of Connecticut.  Failure to Register will result in a Felony Conviction, $10,000 fine, and up to two years in Prison.

There is no provision for animals taken legally after the effective date. Any hunter bringing a Big 5 trophy into the State of Connecticut - regardless of whether they have legally obtained a CITES permit – will be charged with a Felony and be subjected to fines and imprisonment.

The list of animals is limited today, but we fully expect to see North American Game animals added to the list in the future including Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Brown Bear, Desert Sheep, Wolves, and other game animals deemed “Trophies” by the Connecticut Legislature.

Click here to Read SB 227

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