2001 Bowsite.com Group Hunt

It appears that the 8 days scheduled for the "Y2K" hunt is longer than many of you can justify, so we are thinking 5-6 days, Sep 17-22, 2001. We have room for 10 hunters. All hunts include meals, lodging, transportation on ranch, etc.

We are offering you two choices to pick from:

Deer/Antelope Combo (6 days) - 3 days guided deer hunting & 3 days in an antelope blind. $3000

Antelope Only: (6 days) antelope hunting, either from a blind, stalking, or decoys for $1500.

Any hunter that fills a deer tag early can spend more time hunting antelope. Should you fill your antelope tag early you can hunt deer longer (nonguided).

We require a 50% deposit to book your hunt.  Currently all spots are filled, but it is common for changes to occur in our bookings, and we expect to fill several spots from our waiting list. We require a 10% refundable deposit to place you on our waiting list, with priority determined from date of deposit.  Additional 40% required if moved from waiting list to a hunt opening.  The waiting list deposit is refundable at any time, just ask to be removed from list and your deposit will be returned. please contact Frank Moore: by phone 307-358-2694, or by E-Mail .

For an example of what you can expect to see for action - please check out Bowsite.com's Live Bowhunt 99 or our Live Bowhunt 2000 at Spearhead ranch.

For more information about Spearhead Ranch and information on transportation, licenses, etc. please visit Spearhead's website at www.spearheadranch.com