NXT Shot Versacart

Take some of the work out of the hunting experience and put the fun back in.

The design of the VERSACART is the most advanced design on the market. The design incorporates stability, strength, quality, and ease of use. Advantages include: Added stability due to the V shaped carriage and angled wheels, strength due to all steel construction, but yet only weighs 25 lbs for the basic unit. Quality due to the all welded construction plus a fold down handle. Ease of use due to the advanced design which handles rough terrain better than the conventional designs.

When only the Best will do!


Haul out BIG Deer

Remember: Equipment should take some of the work out of the task, not add work to it.

Use it with an ATV

 Can be used with an ATV

"The only bad part about killing a good deer was getting him out of the woods. But now the NXT SHOT Versacart has solved that problem. I love it!"

Gary Sefton
World Champion Deer Caller
Promotions Manager, Woods Wise Products

Carry Watercraft with your Versacart

 Can be used to transport watercraft


Easy and comfortable handle


  • Balanced to bear the load
  • Stable to handle uneven terrain
  • All steel construction for added strength
  • V shaped to center weight of load (no shifting of weight from side to side)
  • Angled wheels for unmatched stability on uneven surfaces
  • Airless tires to avoid flats
  • Fibeglass filled nylon wheels
  • Fold down handle for easy storage and transportation

Can be used as a field dressing Trough


  • Game carrier (deer, bear, elk quarters, etc.)
  • Equipment carrier (stands, decoys, camping equipment, etc.)
  • Small boat transporter
  • Firewood carrier
  • Beach cart
  • Almost Unlimited Uses

Make the tough chore easier!

Price on Request

+ 25 S&H

Optional Accessories

Side Rails - Make the unit more versatile, allows the Versacart to portage a small watercraft or a larger than normal load. $20.00
ATV Bracket
- Allows your ATV to tow you Versacart. $40.00
Bike Bracke
t - Use a mountain bike to tow your Versacart $40.00

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