The NBA Mission

Members consist of dedicated and ethical persons who accept the challenge of hunting with hand-held and hand-drawn bows. The members feel bowhunters must be dedicated to understanding wildlife and wildlife conservation. The NBA is a strong proponent of Bowhunter Education and supports it on a statewide basis.

E-Mail the NBA with your questions or information to Kirk Sharp at [email protected]


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to preserve and promote bowhunting in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Bowhunters Association will:

  • Promote ethical hunting of wild game and fish with bow and arrow.
  • Educate others in the use of archery for hunting purposes.
  • Oversee the conservation of wild game animals and their habitat.
  • Maintain a vigilant and proactive stance on legislative issues impacting our membership.
  • Perpetuate bowhunting through youth development.
  • Archive our membership, their accomplishments and the exceptional game they pursue.

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