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Someday spring will come and it will be time to plant trees. I encourage anyone that wants to improve or create habitat contact their local Soil Conservation District or Soil and Water Conservation District for bare-root trees. They are inexpensive and hardy stock that are easy to plant and can really improve a property. On our property we have added over a half acre of trees, with more planned, and have already noticed an increase of wildlife and biodiversity.


Great encouragement here......planted a couple hundred last week myself!


Can't go wrong with that logic... I'm currently waiting the arrival of a 110+ shrubs and I have around 5 dozen chestnuts to direct seed.


I love planting trees. The last 2 springs I've been planting hundreds of various pine species on my predominantly hardwood land (spruce, white, arborvitae) along with apple and red osier. I don't think any have survived. The deer must consider them a delicacy! This year I'm going to plant fewer trees and cage them so they have a fighting chance :)

By: newmrc

Put an order in just yesterday with the SWCD. First timer. Going to start with 60. 20 4 - 6 footers and the rest seedlings. White oak, Burr oak, Sycamore, Poplar, and Black Cherry with some Blue spruce mixed in. Any tips on keeping them alive!


I cage my apple trees but it can get real expensive caging lots of trees. I've found that Plantskyyd repellant works well, I apply it around once a month over the summer. I also like to plant species deer don't bother, like elderberry currant and plum, or trees that grow and recover fast from damage, like boxelder, cottonwood and willow


Weed barrier fabric also helps greatly with reducing weed pressure and conserving moisture


Bill J, arborvitae gets hammered where I live. You can see the browse line from the deer. I'm going to plant some Thuja Green Giants this year as a screen between my house and neighbors where we took down some big white pines, its similar to arborvitae but supposed to be deer resistant. There was another thread mentioning Green Giants on this when Pat was asking about cover for his stands.


Author, I share your idea of saving the environment and planting trees with bare roots. The photos look amazing, like they are pictures from a movie.

As for me, this spring I decided to minimize the planting of trees and plants in general, although gardening used to be my big hobby. The only thing is that I cannot refuse to plant kratom, because I really love the process of caring for this plant (I usually take seeds here - https://www.kratomcountry.com/).

But besides that, I also decided to plant bare-rooted trees in my garden, I liked this idea of yours! I would like to believe that there will be more and more people with a conscious eco-position.


I just had planted yesterday approx 2500 seedlings with about 1100 hardwoods varieties (mostly sawtooths) and the balance in pines. At 65, I will not likely see any benefit but at least I know I contributed back to the wildlife habitat for hopefully years to come


I"m in


I ordered 500 bare root saplings from our state nursery. White pine and blue spruce to create some visual barriers and wind breaks. They will be in first of May.


I planted some bare root 7-8' crabapples on my farm in SC back in Feb. They are doing great. All are flowering now.


I wish I could find some bareroot sandhill plums to replace what my neighbor burned up when his trash fire got on my place. I may have to spade some in the fall and move

By: fuzzy

Buckdeer does the neighbor have any on his place?


No almost all of them have been sprayed and killed thats why I started planting them and I have lots more.I was just afraid to spade bigger ones with as dry as it was


I’ve spent the last two weekends putting in apple and Chinese chestnut. I’m going to put in a few white oak later on that I dig out of my compost pile. I reckon squirrels buried them in there. But, there are three I’m going to pot tonight and get in the ground later this month.

Gotta a friend on here who’s going to send me a bunch of chestnut’s this fall. If I can get 30 good starts, I’m done planting trees for a while.


Here in central MT I started the year I bought my place (2000). I've bought trees through the FSA every year. Tomorrow 25 Silver Buffalo Berry and 16 Rocky Mountain Juniper arrive. With the whitetail and drought it's a real challenge and I've learned to accept mortality.

I learned to prep the soil by killing off with R.U. and then tilling for 2 years. I then plant, put 6' fabric mulch I get through the FSA, and finally put 47" field fence around the patch. While I get a few, most deer won't jump into the narrow patches. For the bigger ones I use the 2 row electric fence.

Some I have to water for a year or two and if possible I use gravity but also have a 200 gallon tank.

In this country it's a real good year when I get 75% to leaf out the next year.


Did 25 white oak and 25 high bush cranberry this past weekend. I have a couple GMO chestnuts due friday, as well as some streamside freebies from the state on their way. Not sure what's in that packet. Bunch of fellow minded people in this group. Love those spring DEC tree deals!


Planted 8000 on 10 acres 15 years ago. I'm hunting it now.

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