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Thinking about picking up a Reveal X and adding their solar panel to keep the batteries charged. For those that have this camera, how do you like them?


I used 3 last year for the first time. They worked great and lithium batteries lasted me the whole season (4 months) and the batteries were still good. Make sure the antenna is tightened properly as per the instructions to keep moisture out. I’ll probably buy another one this year.

By: Scoot

Very happy.


I also started using 3 last year and had a similar experience with long battery life. I’m pleased with them. Might buy a couple more at some point.


I have 2 of the original Reveals and put them out in July and the batteries are still good. And it has been freezing temps for the last 3-4 months.


I love mine as well. Only thing I don’t like is for the last app update you could suspend your service from the app. But since the update I can’t figure out how to suspend it, and I have a reason to have it out right now.

Cam works great and lithium batteries last awhile from what ive seen.

By: goyt

I put out two after Christmas this year and they worked great just like everyone above experienced. I did suspend the cell service and leave them in the field as standard game cameras. The app on my phone allows that to be done remotely so a trip to the camera is not required.




Great camera;have three and still have two out.Take and send pictures in just a couple minutes.Video's(on SD card) are surprisingly good.Using one as a security camera on my business(about 1/2 mile away).I was and still are a Browning fan(have six) they also work well as a regular camera(non-cell).


I setup one of the new solar ones for a buddy this week. It was simple and seems to be working great in moderate sun. I was skeptical of having a camera facing the sun. Thats usually a dumb move.

By: cnelk

Awesome product - The Reveal X has the HD [High Def] photo option. Big difference in viewing photo quality


Thanks everyone! Going to pick one up this weekend.


I like mine and will probably purchase another. First time cell user.


I have had the same two Reveal X cameras out since October 24, 2021. Running 24/7 and have yet to change the batteries or cards here in Iowa.

Very impressed so far.


I bought one last year. I'm getting another one this year. I like how you can suspend the service. I do the basic subscription and it's been fine. I have the Verizon one, it's seems the best service in my area.

By: Aces11

I have 3 of the Reveal X’s that I used last year and I like them. I just ordered a Reveal XB. I would suggest that over the X. The XB is a little more expensive. The XB you can use either Verizon or ATT, with the X you have only one choice. The XB is also a no flash camera. To me it’s worth the extra cost.


Dont get solar my batteries all lasted four months and two are still going since october. Had four cameras drowned out actually underwater for about 10 days. Pulled out battery pack poured out water put them in rice a little wd 40 and they work.

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