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As we’ve bumped our ph up into th 6s, we’ve had uncontrollable infestations of quick weed (Peruvian Daisy) and lambsquarter. It’s gotten so bad that any attempt to plant brassicas fails because these weeds out grow and suffocate the brassicas (I didn’t think this was possible). Even spraying repeatedly is not keeping the weeds at bay. Any thoughts? As an interim fix, I’ve been planting RR beans and corn, but I much prefer a variety of all three in all my plots. Any idea on what I might due herbicide wise that won’t kill or inhibit germination of brassicas? There is so much weed seed seed in the seed bank after 3 years of the infestation that there is a literal carpet of weeds after planting beans and corn. I can spray it and kill it 3 times and it still comes back…. I’d welcome any advice. My brassica plantings used to look like this. Today the weeds completely cover them up.

By: t-roy

I’m assuming you’re planting brassicas in mid-late summer? (We normally plant most brassicas towards the very end of July in the midwest) I’m trying a new approach on one of my brassicas plots, this year. I worked the plot up in mid July, then, on about July 30th, I sprayed Treflan (trifluralin) onto basically bare ground, which is recommended. I then disced it into the soil, to incorporate it. Next I seeded my brassicas, then cultipacked the seed bed. All of this was done on the same day. It’s too early to tell what my results are, but weed issues in my brassicas are becoming a problem here, as well.


T-Roy, with our weather, I usually plant 3rd week of July. If I could address the weed problems, the Winfred brassicas I prefer could go in late June. The picture posted above was a third week of July planting and was a mix of rutabaga and Winfred. What is not evident from this picture is the heavy deer usage which starts when they’re more than lip high. The forage was eaten to the stems by late January. They then start in on the bulbs. Before weed infestations, I played 4-6 acres of this mix plus 4-5 acres of corn and beans.

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