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I planted my brassicas on August 6th and had 1.5" of rain over the 7th and 8th. They came up fast but the next rain is not forecast for a few days yet. Can these seedlings go 2 weeks without rain in full sun and dry ground? There was a number of days with heavy dew in the morning if that matters and a few days of hot humid weather coming up. I just checked the plot and nothing seems to be wilting yet. There is a slight bit of yellowing on some. How long have your seedlings gone in the past without rain in dry soil?


Last year (2020) I planted mine the day before a rain and they came up and grew to 1.5". It never rained for 56 days afterwards and of course they wilted. I planted the same thing this year about July 31st and same thing happened rain next day. We finally got rain after 2 weeks but it is questionable as to whether its going to survive.


The best answer is maybe.

What type of soil do you have? Do you have anything covering the soil? Planting late summer is tough and dependent on consistent timely rainfall. Those seedlings don’t yet have an extensive root system to seek out moisture. I planted on the 14th and we have had a couple good rains. Everything is germinating but the next two weeks don’t look good for a food plotter. Very hot with little chance of rain. I planted into last years grains though so the covering over the seedbed will help retain moisture and keep the ground cooler.

The yellowing that you are seeing is probably a lack of nitrogen. Be a good time to plan for what if it fails.... and also maybe a prime time to plan for if a rain is supposed to hit I should hit these brassicas with Urea. I don’t often use fertilizer but I will give brassicas a shot of N to save them.


Thanks guys, I did fertilize and lime a few months ago according to soil sample. The ground is bare for the most part. I did plant buckwheat earlier in the year but it was fairy thin and not very tall in some areas from a very dry spell. I rolled and sprayed it when I planted the brassicas. I picked up some urea and rye yesterday but the feed mill I bought it from told me to wait a bit till the plants are a little bigger before putting the urea on. I was planning on putting out the urea and some winter rye in with the brassicas about labor day. Can the urea and rye go in the same day? Soil is a sandy loam I would say. I am not an expert though.

By: t-roy

Yes, your urea and rye can be spread the same day, however, you should try and time your application of urea right before a decent rain. Urea is bad about quickly volatilizing (vaporizing) if it doesn’t get into the ground somehow. You’re basically wasting your money by spreading it, if the plant can’t utilize it. There is a product called Super U, which is basically urea that has a coating on it, to keep it from volatilizing if it sits on dry ground for an extended period of time. If you are in ag country, the chances of being able to get it are way better than in non-ag areas.


I know that the yellowing of seedlings can be caused by an increase in daylight hours. Crops should be watered very sparingly initially, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. I studied gardening when I was at university. I often turned to https://essayontime.com.au/assignment-help-in-australia for help with my homework. I learned a lot about growing cabbage thanks to the online assignment help. The lack of moisture inhibits the growth of seedlings, its excess is even more harmful to cabbage: it leads to rotting of the roots, lodging, and damage to the blackleg. Therefore, on dry days, it is better to organize the watering of the cabbage yourself.


LoL - maybe maybe not and either way it doesn't matter. Rye / 200# acre if it craps out.


Thought I would follow through here and let you guys know what happened. Planted Brassicas August 6th and had 1.5" of rain the next day. Had excellent germination with seedlings everywhere. I also had previously limed earlier in the year and fertilized to soil samples. Had no rain for 2.5 weeks and that proved to be enough to kill off over 90% of my brassicas. Hot and dry proved to be too much for the seedlings to take between rains. September 2nd planted 200 lbs rye per acre. It came up well and will be saving my plot from being next to nothing. Hopefully we will get rain in the forecast around next weekend and I will put out more rye. The deer have been eating the rye that is out now. Also fertilized on the 13th before a big rain. Hoping the next rye planting will come up as good as the first.


Well done


Good thread

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