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Anybody ever spread ag lime with a manure spreader? Think it would work?

By: t-roy

Only one way to find out! Probably would work, but might be kinda tuff to get it spread very evenly, IMO.


Lime leaches. Anyway to get it on helps. I bought a John Deere Van Brunt 8 ft in excellent condition at an auction for $140.00. They do sell for 1500.00 but if you look and time it up late summer, fall, winter, you can sneak them in.


I’ve heard that it works but I’m told you should only fill them up by about 30% because of the heavy weight. May be a slow process.

By: JL

^......that's a good point. I found that out the first time I towed my cheap little plastic fertilizer spreader last year with the lawn mower to spread pelletized lime. That stuff is heavy and it was pushing/exceeding the upper limits of the spreader capacity. I had to reduce the quantity in the spreader so I didn't break it. I can definitely see where you would maybe have to run a reduced load in a manure spreader.


elkaddict's MOBILE embedded Photo

I’ve done it for years. For good coverage, it takes finding the right combination of mph and pto speed. Also, the lime needs to be dust dry to get best coverage. If it’s damp, it doesn’t throw as far and is too heavy. When dealing with this scenario, I leave a trailer width or more between loads and the disc in perpendicular. We have very acidic soils (low 4s) so we’ve put down 60+ tons on our 17 acres, most of which was spread with a manure spreader. This is a pic of damp lime.

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