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Just spoke to my local feed store. They have 2020 Winter Rye seed on hand now and will have 2021 seed in about three weeks. My question is does it make a difference...should I wait for the new seed?

By: DanaC

Are they price-discounting the old stuff? I'd offer them 20 cents on the dollar ;-)


A recent germination test will tell you what you need to know. The 2020 stuff might be higher than the 2021 seed depending on a lot of factors.


How much 1-2 or even 3 year old seed do you think is present in the deer head seed that you buy off the shelf? Plenty.

I’ve planted 3 year old oats and 4 year old brassicas. I’m sure some of it didn’t germinate but most will and you likely won’t notice it.

By: DanaC

I guess my question is, are a lot of *other* guys holding off buying until the new stuff comes in?

If the store manager thinks he's going to get stuck with piles of the old, he might be willing to dicker on price. Can't hurt to ask.

By: welka

Planted 2 yr old rye grain several times. Just boost #/acre by 15# and you should be good.

By: Ambush

Dealers aren't worried. SitO buys up all the old stock grain for bait.


Just up the seeding rate and you'll be fine.

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