Weeds in clover
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Catscratch 25-Jul-21
WI Shedhead 25-Jul-21
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firemen 27-Jul-21
Pat Lefemine 27-Jul-21
writer 27-Jul-21
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Shiloh 28-Jul-21


Need something besides WTI products to kill weeds in my clover?


Butryac on broadleafs and cleth on grassy weeds?


Weeds respond to mowing about as well as herbicide, but if you want to spray, what Catscratch said will work.


I'm with drycreek in that I don't spray my plots (I'm a no tillage, minimal chemicals, and no fert guy). Those are commonly used chemicals for what you want though. Generic can be found probably much cheaper than the name brand stuff.


I have mowed every 4 weeks or so far this year and my clover plots are as good as every. No more spray for me


Mowing alone doesn’t control grass or perennial weeds. I do both. I’m more concerned about grass, that will eventually overtake your clover plot.


Pat my tractor will only go as high as 4 in is this to low to cut? I read 6 in is the norm.


Is it a garden tractor?

4” should be ok so long as your clover is not stressed

By: writer

As per Pat…Brome we thought was dead dead had taken back half of a good plot in five years. What I get for depending on guys hunting our farm while I was out of the area.

Much harder problem to solve than weeds. Also not as much for wildlife as “weeds.”


I have decided to give up on perennial clover plots on my farm here in the deep south. In the typically hot, dry summer and early fall the grass outcompetes the clover and takes over. I could spray and/or mow more often, but feel it would still be wasted effort. I plan this coming season to use annual clovers only, realizing I will have to replant yearly, and I suspect the wildlife will get more benefit during spring and early summer than during hunting season. I hope to try a mixture of Baslana and Berseem. Anyone have any experience with these clovers or better suggestions? I don't want to give up on clover entirely as my deer seem to prefer it over just about everything else.

By: Shiloh

We have a lot steeper hill to climb in the deep south with clover than the guys in the north climates. Usually we have worse soil, hotter weather, more rain, etc......all of this promotes more weeds. I would encourage anyone in the deep south to back off a little on the weed concern. A few weeds is not going to kill a clover plot. There is still a lot of tonnage available to the wildlife. Get on a spray and mow program and don't worry about it as long as you have 60-70% clover coverage. If you want to gauge your clover take a look at it during the spring to see what you have and make sure to get on weeds early. You can wait until July 4th to start. We have to start much earlier and I have found that an early chemical application helps a lot. Pat likes to have perfect plots and that is great, but they do not have to be perfect to be of great benefit for the deer and turkeys. I have some plots that at first glance look pretty bad, but when you walk out in them there is a ton of clover. You can also overseed in the fall to spruce them up a little. One more thing...….MAKE SURE THAT YOUR pH IS CORRECT!!!

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