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The last savage 18-Mar-21
Catscratch 18-Mar-21
WV Mountaineer 18-Mar-21
t-roy 18-Mar-21
Catscratch 18-Mar-21
The last savage 19-Mar-21
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hey fella's, im living on a 20 acre spread in eastern nc for 1 year,im looking for a simple product that i can cast around the wood plots ,trails and field edges.the soil is sandy,there are crop fields on both sides of me and a 50 acre section that was timbered a few yeas ago, so theres a lot of new groth in there. Im thinking something different that the deer are used to but something that will be attractive to their taste?as said, i want simple cast type seed,as ill be moving west next spring,, thx guys for any input.


Without knowing your area, soil, and how shaded your plots are... I would guess a mix of winter rye (cereal grain) and white clover.

If you don’t intend to prep soil i would spray competition with gly (roundup) spreading seed.


Winter wheat. Take a rake and rough it up. Throw it. Drag with something. Then stand gauard a d shoot the birds. Not throw and grow but, it’ll get a nice food option for them.

By: t-roy

Catscratch X2. One of the easiest things to get to grow with minimal/no tillage. I’d suggest seeding it on the heavy side if you don’t do any tillage.


WV Mountaineer has a point with wheat. The guys on the habitat forums know I absolutely prefer wheat for attraction over winter rye. I only suggested ww because it seems to be more hardy over a larger part of the country.

t-roy is right, always seed on the heavy side if you are doing TnM. Even heavier if in shade. Timing it right before a rain is pretty important for my area.


Thx guys , there are areas that will be semi shaded and areas that will be full sun..ill try whats been suggested...


35-Acre's embedded Photo

For full sun areas you can just broadcast horse oats (Rolled oats. Yes. It's just horse feed). Deer will keep them mowed like a lawn but they just keep coming back - just seed heavy which shouldn't be a problem because they are cheap (like $20 for 50lbs at Tractor Supply). Oats grow in almost any conditions including the bed of my truck after a rain. They do need sun. And you can seed right over the existing area again if it's too thin.

If you plant them in the shade, you will see growth but it will fall over and wilt eventually like in this pic. It looks great 10 days after seeding! 2 weeks after that, everything falls over and that's it.

Clover typically takes time. The first year it is really focused on building roots. The second year is typically much better. That's why guys are recommending oats, wheat, etc. from the grain family.

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