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I have about a 8 acre piece that backs into my “hunting neighbors”. It is safer to turn that area into bedding or food. I recent added a perimeter trail so there would be a slight buffer. I was leaning towards thick nasty bedding but was hoping for some input.


I'd want thick cover first, especially if the neighbors have the deer food. As long as you can sneak by them using your buffer and way lay them on the way to the food. You'll never hold them on 8 acres with a food plot and no bedding.

By: goyt

I answer is really fairly simple but the implementation can be a challenge. You need to have what the deer need the most in the area with such a small piece of land. If the area has a lot of bedding you need food and a lot of it otherwise it will not survive to and through the season. If the area needs bedding and has a lot of food you need to add bedding. If it needs water... you get the picture. If you do not do this there is nothing to make your land more attractive and if you do not happen to have a great travel route or bottleneck on your property you will struggle to see deer routinely. I like to add bedding because it provides for day time buck movement during the rut. Then you can hunt bottlenecks or travel routes in and out plus create trails on down wind sides which you can hunt. The key will be to keep the pressure down with such a small piece. You may not want to hunt it at all before the rut if it set-up for hunting bucks during the rut and then hunt it only when conditions are perfect. I would pick trees for stands based on their cover, location based on terrain features and bottles and access. Then I would start altering the habitat.

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