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By: lewis

Looking to get a 3 point hitch spreader to be used on our food plots. I have heard some good things about Tractor Supply and we have a rural king and a co op.My tractor is a 77 hp 4wd John Deere.Thanks,Lewis


I love mine. Bought used from an older local farmer who used it 1 time. I used it to apply fertilizer and to seed plots. Works perfect. Holds several hundred lbs of rye or similar seed at a time.



lewis, before you ever use it, take it to someone and get bedliner shot on it. Cover the inside except the gates and the outside to about six inches down from the top. Completely cover the spreader plate and tell them to prep it well. I did that to mine in 2003 and I’m still using it. Most of them that old will be rusted out. Mine is still in pretty damn good shape.

By: lewis

I actually have a bucket of bed liner I used on the bed of my Rhino that’s a good idea thanks Lewis

By: t-roy

I’d suggest getting one with a plastic bin vs a steel one as well, Lewis. One less component to worry about rusting out on you. Don’t know if you’ve considered getting a pull behind spreader. I’ve got a really nice Tartar Brand that will handle as much material as the 3 point you’re considering, and it works very well, but I’d steer you towards the 3 point spreader vs this type. A 3 point is more versatile. A 3 point spreader will probably be my next piece of plotting equipment purchased.


Look at Land Pride. Your local implement dealer or farm store will have them. And they are made in good old USA! Not Chi-nahhhh!-)


I have that unit with the poly bin. 3-pt, not pull behind. The pull unit is more $ and just more moving parts to rust or wear out. I’ve had my TS/RK unit for 10 years. Just hose it down good after every use and it will be good for years.


get a spray bottle and fill it with diesel fuel. i pressure wash mine. then soak it in diesel fuel. i do this to alot of my farm equipment... works great.

By: lewis

Thanks all for the info I used to have a Vicom when we farmed big acreage and it was great but now I just need one for food plots stay safe Lewis


I have a Tartar 3 point poly tub broadcast spreader. Not a pull behind. I would rather have the gates on the bottom rather than at the bottom side of the tub. But, I am pleased with the spread and have spread different size seeds at the same time, clovers and grains for example.

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