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Anyone out there use a boomless UTV sprayer for Roundup application? I need a new sprayer for my SxS and want to go to 40 gallons over my old 15 gallon tank I had on my atv.


Buy a utv-45-bl by fimco will spray 30 ft with short boom that don’t flop or stick out past edge of machine. Has a hand gun w it also. Tsc is a dealer for them, here in LA there 630.00 you won’t b disappointed!

By: Don

I considered a boomless sprayer but was concerned with windrifted spray ending up where I didn't want it to when spraying during less than ideal conditions.

I ended up getting a Fimco 25 gallon sprayer with a 12 foot folding boom. The boom extends about three foot beyond each side of my midsize 570 and when each side is folded inwards neither section extends beyond the UTV's outer body. It also has a spray wand should I need it in places I can not drive to easily.

I can raise or lower the booms to the height to where I want the nozzles to be, and can usually drive safely to within 5ft of anything I do not want the spray to contact. My safe pattern amounts to about 14ft wide on each pass. I considered a larger tank but weight was a concern with my particular UTVs hinged, fold down bed.

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