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By: c5ken

As soon as the weeds in my 3ac clover plot get to about 2" I want to spray with Imox & Nitro-Surf. Can someone please tell me the recommended Imox/water mix. I think my field is about 40% of weeds.


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Here’s what I used. Only used imox once and wasn’t entirely thrilled with my results so if anyone has a different mixture I’d be interested to hear it. I did spray later than I would have preferred that one time. Cleaned up the plot OK but I had better results with 2,4-DB. Good luck.

Imox 4 0z per 25 gallons + 3 pints nitro surf surfactant


I also used Imox at 4 oz per acre last year on my clover and wasn't happy with the results. It appeared to knock my clover back. I plan to go back to Clethodim for the grasses, followed by 2,4 DB for the broadleaves.


OK, IMOX is to applied at Ounces of product per/Acre. NOT OZ PER GALLON.

SO the easiest way, assuming you have a boom type sprayer is to cut the following link> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_erSvQfWsaw and paste into your browser.

In the video above, Jeff provides an easy solution to calculating ATV sprayer rates, it's really simple and EFFECTIVE.

After you learn the rate of your ATV sprayer, write it on the tank with a permanent marker so you don’t have to conduct the same water-only spray test next spring.


i also was not happy with Imox. i sprayed at 4oz per acres with nitro surf.

IMO - cleth and 24DB work much better readily available and cheaper with no residual effects like imox.


Folks knocking IMOX, the folks spraying 4oz per acre - that is the minimum. You can go to 6oz, 33% more per acre ... anybody have results from a higher application rate per acre?

It also expressly says spray on emergent rapidly growing targeted species. A couple posted they waited until later in the season and sprayed the min amount.. Regards.. Stressless

By: c5ken

Oops, I talked to the rep at Keystone & he recommended 4 to 6oz of Imox to 10 to 20 gals of water per ac. This appears much heavier than the applications some of the guys above have used...


With pretty much any herbicide, the rate is per acre not per gallon. Not many spray systems will cover an acre with less than the top end of what your keystone rep recommended. More common is 20-25 gallons per acre. Imox has really been hyped up on a lot of the habitat forums but it's really off label use for food plots. I am reluctant to use any chemical other than for what it's intended. That's why we are seeing resistance in plants-from people using chemicals incorrectly.

By: pav

Been using Imox for two years now. We apply 6oz and 3 pints NitroSurf per 25 gallons. Application rate is roughly 20 gallons/acre. Works slower than Cleth and 2/4B, but just as effective. One application instead of two and the cost per application is actually cheaper than Cleth and 2/4B.

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In addition to being able to spray 4-6oz per acre accurately, you have to keep in mind the planting rotational intervals. No turnips for 9-18 months depending on soil PH and rainfall. 18 months for sugarbeets, if soil PH is above 6.2. Read the entire label.


I used 6oz/ac+ nitrosurf in my first year alfalfa. Cleaned up plot beautifully.

Stressless's Supporting Link

BLUF: 1) Figure out how many gallons it takes your system to cover one acre using just WATER. At a 'consistent' or certain speed. (say it takes 12.5 gallons to cover one acre at 7mph))

2) Decide how many Ounces per Acre of IMOX you want to use (say 5 ounces/Acre)

3) a] Fill your tank with 12.5 gallons + add 5 ounces of IMOX and spray at the consistent speed (7mph) used in step 1 OR b] Fill your tank up with a known gallons of water. Divide by the # of gallons (12.5)EXAMPLE and multiply by 5 ounces EXAMPLE. (say your tank is 35 gallons / 12.5) x (5 ounces) = how many ounces of IMOX you should add in this EXAMPLE 14 Ounces. NOTE that at 7mph this example will cover 2.8 acres in total - all you have to do is drive at 7mph and spray your plot(s).

Now you have a properly calibrated tank/sprayer filled up. All you have to do to spray a .32 acre field is turn your system on, spray at 7mph and you are spraying 5 ounces / acre.

Jeff does a good job when he explains how to "back into" the formula to get [X]ounces per Acre - Which is how one should apply IMOX.

Cut the URL below and paste into your browser, or click the link upper left. This POS web forum doesn't support in-line embed's.



Robert, I just embedded the video easily on this "POS web forum". Just cut and paste. No magic required.


I know that Imox has a pre-emergent component. I’m not sure if that applies to legumes. Does anyone know if you can plant clover +\- chicory soon (maybe 2 weeks) after spraying Imox? I read the label but can’t find this particular info.


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I frost seeded Clover Chicory and BFT into a cereal rye plot in late Feb '20, Hit it with IMOX 5.5oz/acre in early May '20 and had great results. Did not hurt the new legumes. Pic from July '20.

By: Shiloh

I just sprayed about 15 acres with Imox at 6oz / ac. I’m curious to see the results. After a week the grass looks as good as ever

By: t-roy

Shiloh....sometimes, certain grasses take quite awhile to show the effects of herbicides. Some get smoked right away, but others take some time.



How much growth was on the grasses /weeds you sprayed?

By: Shiloh

Some of the grasses in a few plots were 6-8” tall but typically get 18-24” tall. I hope I caught it in time, but I don’t know. Yes T-Roy, I am with you on that. I wasn’t expecting much in this first week. I am just hoping it works this go around because that stuff is expensive. On another note, I got a 100 gallon F/S manufacturing UTV spray rig with boominator nozzles and so far I really like it.

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