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By: JL

Has anyone tried one? I read a 2010 Bowsite thread where someone said Boly made the internals for numerous other cam manufactures. I guess they now make their own trail cams. I got this today on EBay for $38 + $9 shipping. The vids look real good. I figured for that cheap price I'd try one.


I never had a cell cam before so I'm not sure how the service normally works. This one kinda looks like it's free. A couple of the cell cams can broadcast game calls...I haven't seen that one before. Also, this one can send vids...haven't seen that before either.


By: JL

Here's some field feedback on this cam. It's a little different to set up and review the vids than I'm use to with the Moultries. It takes great day vids. The night vids would be good except the light field area is poor. It doesn't light up the full viewing area. Objects on the side of the viewing area are not lit up. You'll see some eyes reflecting but that is it. Here is a day vid. I'll try to get a night vid with something in it and post it up.


I have a couple and they are decent for the $


Do they come from India? ;-)

By: JL

^....they're supposed to be made in the US in California.


They are probably known to cause cancer in California.

By: JohnMC

Is California still considered part of the US?


Is California still considered part of the US?

Yes I think so, but it is currently burning down.

By: safari

Been running a Boly made for Cabela's for three years. Batteries last a year and no issues.

By: JL

I hope to get down tomorrow afternoon to check it for night vids.

By: JL

Here is the Boly night vid.....you can see the perimeter does not light up.

Here is a bonus Halloween vid. Turn up the volume...


Looks like an average mid range camera from a price perspective. Manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China.

Great video JL!

By: JL

I thought the cams were made in California?? That is where the company was founded in 2000. I see they do have a manufacturing place in China. I'll have to ask them. I paid $38 + $10 for shipping. It came from the company HQ in Santa Clara, Cali. A few other Halloween vids from that cam. Wish I would have been there just to watch the chasing.


For under $50 I will be willing to bet 10 of those cameras they are not made in the US! ;)


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