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My 31 year old ford tractor is starting to give out. I’ve seen the RK tractors at Rural King. Anyone know much about them or have one and would share their knowledge and experience with them ? Thanks in advance

By: wildan

Made by TYM,Korean.Do some reading on www.tractorbynet.com/RK sub-forum.Also on YouTube with Outdoors with the Morgans.


Be wary of what sounds like good deal! where is your dealer support? I,ve worked on tractors in my longer days, a International Harvestor dealer. The brand names always prevail with resale value and customer support. I have a Kubota and am very content with it. If your Ford is just 30 years old, its far from worn out.


Had a buddy that had one getting parts were a nightmare

By: PK

just look at the "mahindra tractor " thread.......................read and heed...........




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Heres my ford. Has a few leaks but does run well. Maybe just making excuses to get a cabbed tractor with heater and A/C

By: t-roy

Cabs are for sissies! ;-)


I really like my cab 95% of the time. Gets me out of the heat and dust and especially this time of year the deer flys and other critters.


The guy that helps me on my place is deathly allergic to bee stings and with tractor and bush hog running it’s impossible to know when you run over a yellow jacket or bumblebee nest until you see them , by then it might be too late. That is one of the main reasons I’m thinking about a cab


Take a look at a Branson if you're looking for something that won't break the budget. I replaced old '50 Ford tractor 2wd gas tractor/loader with an '18 Branson 3520 4wd diesel (loader/Bush hog and auger attachments).

My only regret was not getting one with a cab.

FWIW; The guy who got the Ford is using it to Bush hog part of his property (point being 30 yrs old isnt old in "tractor years")

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