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We have a family Farm of 200 acres. its land that my dad owns, we lease another 300 acres next to our family farm. I do most of the work on the farm myself. We also have another 2000 acres lease 10 miles away - where we keep an older MF 240 4x4 with FEL - Open cab.

it is only timber land, and 75% of the work that we do are food plots and for wildlife.

Dad currently has a 50hp compact 4x4 new Holland with FEL and all the implements you could ever want. this is our primary use tractor.

I am 34 and I am currently contemplating buying a tractor for my self. i live on a small farm where we have about 10 acres and a few cows.

I am considering a lightly used Cab and air - in the spring time i battle sever allergies while bush hogging. would a Cab and air help with that? i work an office job during the day and would be on the tractor feeding cows before work in the winter...

i am wanting to use a 8' to 10" bush hog, and 4x4 is not absolutely necessary - but i would want a FEL to move Hay around.

i am thinking something in the 60HP range - would this be big enough?

any input on what type of tractor to buy?

By: grubby

In my experience the cab will do very little for your allergies. I also really dislike a cab unless I'm putting in long hours in inclement (extreme cold or heat) weather. A 10' brush mower will need a minimum of 50 pto hp and I would want more.


BOHUNTER09's embedded Photo

60 hp with a loader is minimum if you are moving large bales. My New Holland purchased last year has a cab with heat and ac. It’s really comfortable in there. You have to be more careful when mowing around field edges and in the woods. Limbs that used to pass by the rops can damage your cab.


I have horrible allergies. In my experience, a cab is extremely helpful in reducing the amount of exposure to things such as pollen. Without a cab, my eyes would swell shut after 1/2 mile of shredding marijuana. This happened to me and sitting on a tractor with slits for eye sockets is not a pleasant experience. The front axle would bump the plant and the pollen would explode over the tractor and driver.

Getting a cab and turning the air on so that "fresh" air is NOT brought into the cab greatly alleviates my allergy problems. I would not buy a tractor without a cab. As mentioned earlier, you do need to watch for overhead tree branches and limbs when using a cab. I also move snow during the winter and you can move snow all day and not get cold.


When I was making the decision to buy a tractor, I initially wanted a non cab, open air machine. Glad as ever I bought a 42HP with cab..mosquitos and deer flies can make the open tractors miserable. also nice in the MN winters.

I cant speak to the HP (and weight) you need to move bales.



Thanks for the advise guys. this springs its either a center console 22' boat or a cab tractor... not sure which one yet.

already having a 55HP massey Ferguson and dad having a 50 HP compact new Holland give us alot of options. i think its time for my own piece of equipment.


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This is a 75hp. I think the air helps a lot with allergies. The air ride seat helps a lot with your back.

I have a 45hp open platform as well. World of difference in spending a full day in a cab versus the beating sun, pollens, bugs etc.

Good luck!


Absolutely no question in my mind, buy the cab if its within your budget.

By: shiloh

Don’t get soft Jim.....take the top off of the oldest one and live a little man!!! If you aggravate those allergies enough maybe they’ll go away!!


Buy the cabbed tractor. Your sinuses will love you for it. I had the same decision to make several years ago and I was vacillating on which to buy. Came home one day after work, jumped on my old 380B Case, and started mowing the highway right of way in front of my house. Within one round, (1/4 mile), I was choking and blowing snot. That made up my mind and I've never regretted it. My next tractor may not have a steering wheel, but it WILL have a cab and air. Oh, and a radio, so I can juke and jive whilst I'm working.

By: drmike

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Hands down...get a tractor with a cab! I would never go back to my Farmall 656 and freezing my *ss pushing snow in the winter, and fighting bugs and heat in the summer.


Couldn't decide either, went with a Kubota MX 5100 no cab. Had my doubts at first I thought I wanted the cab. After working it glad to not have the cab. Don't use it in the winter. So much more I can do in the woods without the cab. If I spent A LOT of time in the seat, all day often things would be different. Food plots, woods work, driveways ect., just what I needed.

By: wildan

Cab all the way;rain,snow ,bugs+bees.I have a cabbed Kubota and a "pole saw".Plow the whole neighborhood in the winter and have to open the windows because it gets too warm.


I don't get the no cab in the woods thing. I bought mine to use, and the lights came off pretty quickly. That's about the only thing you can tear off under limbs. The mirrors fold flat against the windshield and if you use some common sense you can avoid limbs that would bend or break the stack. I've been mowing trails and edges since 2004 with mine and broke one mirror in that time.

By: W

We have a cab and love it. We’re in the Deep South and the A/C is nice.


What's the budget?

8+ foot brush hog capability, FEL, cab, 4x4 etc. Your tab is adding up fast.

No use throwing out options until we know the budget. Obviously, a cab is nice and newer tractors with cabin air filter and a good seal will help with dust/pollen.


By: Cowdoc

First thing I would do is figure who you want to service or provide parts for the tractor. Are they close, reasonable, timely, etc? Once that decision is made, it'll narrow down what brand and models are available that they will service. I personally think buying a tractor is more about selecting the dealership you want to work with and then the machine itself.


Sitting here in the dark killing time hoping an elk will bugle. My 2 cents, you never regret buying good equipment. Get the cab! Had a Kubota L3901 without cab - bush hogging SUCKED! Sold her and got the Kubota grand L5640 with cab. No cab my nostrils were plugged shut and life was miserable. The cab with air is awesome.

Kubota is pushing zero down, zero interest. Tough to beat, but I bought used on Craigslist


I found a kubota 6040 with cab, 4x4, FEL. 650 hours. $22,500.

I already have a 6' and 8' bush hog. And a 6' and a brand new HD 7' disk. 2 row planter, 5 way blade, 6' section harrow, 10' cultipacker. And 6' tiller...... pull behind and 3 point seeders. 5' box blade....

Next spring ill be ready - you guys have convinced me!


Get the tractor, forget the boat! A pleasure boat is a great thing for a buddy to own, but you'll have that tractor forever. I still use my dad's 1984 John Deere all the time...


Not a tractor, but a Cat 420D backhoe with cab, A/C, heater for me, air ride seat and 4X4 is a must, worthless without it in my opinion..


olebuck, l'm looking for that same tractor right now ! I want to replace my M5700 with an M6040 4x4 with a FEL. I don't want one of the newer ones with all the Al Gore crap on them.


I would get a cab,75HP minimum.

By: Skippy

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What MB said.

By: SB

Mine has a cab,but no doors,side windows ,or back window! Don't have an issue with allergies or heat....colds starting to get to me though!

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