Chainsaw Sharpener- Electric?
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By: Hunt98

I've hand sharpened my chain with a file. I don't like to bring them in to a hardware store to be sharpened. I'm considering buying an electric chain sharpener. I would be using it about 10 times a year.

What electric chainsaw sharpener would you suggest? price??


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the $25 bench mount one from harbor freight.


Yep, I have that one too and it works great after you figure out the correct angle for your teeth.


+1 ^^^^^^^^

Get your angle figured out and they work just fine

Good luck, Robb


My experience is that this is a tool where the quality and durability is about commensurate with the price you pay.

My Harbor Freight version crapped out in a couple of months. I ended up paying for an Oregon in the $200 price range and it has lasted more than 5 years and is trouble free.

I sharpen with it several times per week during the woodcutting season.



+1 on the Oregon. Have been using the same one for about 10 years. Would recommend getting the diamond wheel too. The model we got uses the vehicles battery for power so can use in the woods too


Peco has it right (Harbor Freight) I love mine, it's rather inexpensive and sharpens them evenly.. best regards Arrwkner 82

By: Hunt98

Thanks for your suggestions! I have a few more questions. How much does a diamond wheel cost?

Generally, how many times can you re sharpen a chain before you have to buy a new chain? Diamond wheel? Non diamond wheel?

Are there any others accessories that you you could get with the sharpener?


This is the one I use. I love it. Hooks up to your car battery and I can sharpen a chain in minutes without removing it. It has held up well. Lots of places sell them. I picked mine up at Lowes http://www.sears.com/oregon-30846-12-volt-sure-sharp-chain/p-SPM8728252423?plpSellerId=Edealszone LLC&prdNo=2&blockNo=2&blockType=G2


Although I recommended the harbor freight sharpener, Oregon stuff is the best. If you cut a lot of wood, go for the Oregon up front and be done. I use mine only about a half dozen times a year, and suits me well.

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We use this one in my company....Had it for about 15 years ....just replace the little grinding rods. Cheap,easy portable and it works great.

RuthBishop's Supporting Link

I also bought the Harbor Freight version and it did not last for more than 6 months. It became useless after that. So, now I am planning to buy a new electric chainsaw sharpener but my budget is not high as for Oregon. Would you guys like to suggest some other electric chainsaw sharpeners at cheaper prices and the ones that last for long? If yes then please share because internet is very confusing. It gives us so many options that it becomes very difficult to choose one.


It's getting cheaper to just go buy a new chain and save the time sharpening the old one! haha

Good luck, Robb


Stihl 2in1 sharpener is ground breaking! you don't need electric, try this one and close the thread. It takes down the dog as it sharpens !


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I only use my saw 5 maybe 6 times a year I just use the attachement made for dremel tool. Goes on the collar and has an angle guide and the stone fits the slot in the chain tooth. Works very well for my needs and less than 20 bucks.


Similar to Chris S I use the Oregon electric hand sharpener. Works from pickup battery and you don't have to remove the chain. Still need to remove the chain every few times to clean but its fast cheap and easy.


Learn the correct way to sharpen with a good file (including the rakers) by hand. Hand sharpening you can "feel" how much you're shaving off. I admit it takes time and patience (and some old chains to practice on!) to learn hand sharpening with a file but it will pay dividends in the long run. Plus when you're in the woods you don't have to go back to the shop or the vehicle to use an electric sharpener. Invest in a decent stump bar vise also....worth their weight in gold!


I learned to use a file guide/vise which locks in the depth and angles- just need to push or pull as the case might be. I used my present chain for 8 years, cutting about 2 cords per year. Last week I decided to cut up a hot tub that did not work, with the chain saw. Turned out the tub had a steel angle about 1" below the top- time for a new chain! (side note- after cutting the steel angle with a grinding wheel, I sharped the old chain enough to cut up the tub)


I cut about 15 cords a year to heat my home and pole building. It only takes five minutes to sharpen with a file ,including rakes. I see no need for some other tool to do the job. Sometimes less is more. 4 or 5 swipes per tooth with a good file and your good to go. Last 2 swipes do very lightly, good as new.

By: Ambush

Also use the Stihl 2in1 sharpener. Fits in your case or back pocket and needs no power but your hands. Simplest system yet for us non-pros.

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do yourself a FAVOR AND LOOK AT THIS, these bits work with your Dremel tool razor sharp chainsaws

By: MK111

I use a clamp on jig and hand file. Go around one time after marking the 1st tooth. The reverse the clamp on and do the other facing teeth. Only takes 5-6 swipes with the round file. Plus I take it with me if I need to resharpen when out sawing.


Oregon i cut 20-30 cords a year and hand sharpening chains isn't worth it for me....



I’m with sbschindler but then get yourself a cordless dremel and throw it in with your chainsaw stuff. If you touch the dirt by accident, whip it out and touch it up in 30 seconds. Last weekend I cut out about 12 stumps in the ground with touch ups between each one


Video on you tube showing sharpening with a file in a hand drill. He breaks off tip of file to keep it fresh. I’m going to try. I’m too lame to paste link. I was going to say I’m retarded, but that would be offensive.


Damn BullBuster, I so love your honest self assessment. LOL

By: JL

FWIW.....I just tried some 7/32" drill bit sharpeners for the first time. It worked great! Better than the hand file and much quicker once you get going. My chain links have the angle line on the top so you know what angle to work the sharpener. What I figured out the last couple of years is have the chain tight so the link doesn't rotate upward as you work the surface. I think I paid something like $5.99 for four 7/32" sharpener bits. I used my dremel but you can also use your cordless drill for sharpening in the bush or field. It went thru two small trees yesterday like butter.

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I have a bench grinder but all it does is eat chain and you still get a dull chain after a little cutting. I have a file, but you still start fighting a dulling chain.

Not a sharpener, but a durable chain. Rapco makes great carbide chains. Once I switched to carbide (Rapco specifically), I have never looked back. I cut my entire wood supply with a chain and it is nearly as sharp as new when I finish. I have Rapco touch it up once a year.

People will argue expense, fair enough. However, I value my time and don’t like getting beat by a dulling chain. I cut with new chain sharpness for the year and you don’t exert yourself dealing with a dulling chain. Also, no down time between tanks to file...I save so much time now.

These chains aren’ t for everybody; but for me, I have never looked back. Time (and lack of fatigue), is money.


Never had a problem with hand filing and I nice way to start the day with coffee but each to their own.


My FIL has electric one in his shop, I give him my extra chains and the come back perfect.

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FWIW - I've been through all of them. The Timberline is hands down the best sharpener I've ever used. Not electric, but really fast and really sharp.


Is there a YouTube vid of someone using those drill bit/Dremel sharpeners?

@dainnerott's Supporting Link

after analyzing the whole thread I conclude that everyone looking for Oregon 520 but the major issue everyone facing is budget, also that particular chainsaw is fully loaded with top-notch features like 3400 RPM, 3 grinding wheels of ¼-inch, 1/8-inch, and 3/16-inch and I also agree that commercials are not thing which we can easily avoid but the can we avoid product quality too.


I have a few sharpeners but now I only use the Dremel. Works great and so easy.


Red how do you know which size Dremel bit to use (5/32, 3/16 or 7/32) I know it depends on chain size but is there a chart to follow?


I started buying chains from Baileys when they are on sale 10 for $100. I hand sharpen with a file until they are stretched and need a link removed and then sale them for $5 each and buy 10 more. I cut about 8-10 cords of firewood a year and use 2 chains a year typically.

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