Mowing your food plots? You need this...
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YES.......who wouldn't want one of these!!! But the one thing that was left out of the review is price (cough cough). :)


would sure like one...........


Don't think my tractor could pull that, let alone the PTO turn anything:)


Batwing cutters are awesome. I bought a 15 foot Bush Hog brand cutter last year and it is a BEAST. Not sure if Bush Hog brand makes a 12 foot version but those of you looking might want to check those out as well. They are pricey, but I doubt I will need another in a LONG time. Thanks for the review Pat.


Nice looking cutter Pat. I'm still using the 6' Rhino I bought albout nine years ago, but I move mine around so much a batwing would be too cumbersome I'm afraid. I mow at home, on a deer lease, on my 217 acres, and another place that I hunt for free. If I had the $, a batwing would be handy on my 217 acres, especially the perimeter, which is some 13,000' long and 40' to 70' wide. I only mow it once a year though. In fact, I started today. I usually let it grow up until about this time of year so I won't mangle any fawns and it gives the deer a little cover going back and forth.


For those without very large plots or on a budget. I use a weed wacker. That works great for kill plots, staging areas and 1 acre and less plots.


I'll just make 2 passes with my 22 yr old 6 ft bush hog


I'm guessing that my cutter is this ones grandpa, about 50 years old and still does everything I want it to.


Its a dandy for sure, I cannot afford one. Our tractor is only 33hp and only 1 set of hydraulics. It would be nice though



My question is : What are you mowing in that field?.....it didn't look like clover.


Show-Me Greg's MOBILE embedded Photo

I have a question for the "experts". I am 60 miles south of KCMO.

Finally did my food plots right. 3 plots totaling about 7 acres. Did the soil test. Fertilizer and lime. Hired a farmer to do the work. I told him to do it right and to send me the bills. After he drilled my clover on Mar 27 he said to not mow it until after it comes to "full Blossom" the first time.

Clover is now 14-16 inches tall, weed free and still no heads.

Is this normal? Should I continue to wait to mow it?




That plot looks great. It may be 24" or even higher before it heads out. You will know. If you see weeds that start to head out, MOW them before they go to seed regardless of clover maturity. Mow above 6" and it will come right back unless the wx is hot and dry.

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