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Hunter: Christopher Anderson
North Carolina
Premier Outfitters
Ratings to date: 230
Average Rating 4.7
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I arrived at Premier Outfitters on November 18th for my field rut hunt November 19th -22nd. At 3:00 I was introduced to the entire staff, had some time to mingle and meet the other hunters in camp before going over camp rules and a discussion on hunter safety. Then, dinner was served at 5:00 PM and was excellent!! While eating and overlooking the beautiful Kentucky farmland and sunset, we observed a buck tending a doe on the edge of a field the next morning everyone in camp woke up at 3:00 AM to prepare for the morning hunt. We all left camp by 4:15 AM and were brought to the stands. Our guide Erik Pacheco assisted everyone to the stands and took extra steps to help assist some of the older gentleman into some of the shooting houses. That morning, around first light, I observed some of the best whitetail rut behavior I have ever seen in my life. It was a 50 deer day and I saw many world class shooter bucks. It was almost like I was living in the episodes of a hunting show but only the highlights and best parts. I was not able to get a clear shot on a mature buck the first day, and even though I did not pull the trigger on the first day, it was my best sit of my life! After the hunt, we arrived in camp and the food was ready, hot, and plentiful and you could tell that it was all fresh, all the way down to the vegetable used the next morning I had a shooter come in around 60 yards. I took a broadside shot and unfortunately it wasn’t a good shot. My guide and the rest of the guide team tried extremely hard to locate my animal but no luck. We even called a dog in but unfortunately, still nothing but while searching for my buck my guide and I pulled trail camera cards to see if maybe he ran by and the camera got a picture of him. The SD card had some absolutely giant bucks on them. I also observed many rubs and scrapes throughout the woods, some rubs were on trees 10 inches around. It was unbelievable, it was almost like any tree that had a low hanging branch had a scrape being used by bucks. It was truly out of this world and was proof that you know you are hunting in the land of the giants. That afternoon, I decided to do a doe hunt because I could no longer hunt a buck since I drew blood and I completely agree with those morals and ethics. I ended up shooting a nice mature doe to take home and got to spend time with my guide afterwards and go with him to retrieve other hunter’s bucks and share those memories together it was awesome! My guide assisted every hunter in registering there animal they harvested, being sure to follow all Kentucky big game hunting laws as well as asking everyone the game laws so if specific accommodations had to be made for transportation of wild game they could be made. My guid gutted the deer when we got back to camp and since it was a 15 degree night we let the doe hang over night. Being a novice hunter, and only have been hunting since 2019,I asked if I could break down my deer myself and everyone in camp happily instructed me on how to debone my animal so I could be in compliance with North Carolina law. Everyone in camp, regardless of taking an animal or not, all rebooked for the next rifle rut hunt. Premier Outfitters is that good and I highly recommend them.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2022
Implement - Rifle
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide - Erik Pacheco
Number in Camp - 10
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