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Hunter: Dr. Mike Badanek
Dr. Mike
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Hunter Comments
I do not recommend this outfitter

The Guide on this hunt, Chris, was totally unaware of how to place me for hunting during this 5 day hunt. Most of the 7 hunters at the camp from 10-30-15 or 10-31-15 on the 5 day hunts did not see any respectable whitetail deer in the 120-130 class as was told by owner Mark Clifford. As a matter of fact most of the hunters were afraid of shooting any bucks under 130 class due to an automatic fine of $1,000.00. Nobody was allowed to shoot a doe to which all 7 hunters had the option and paid for in their licenses. All does MUST be harvested in the AM morning hunt ONLY and could not be harvested in the afternoon or evening hunts. What was most frustrating to me was that the leased property by owner Mark Clifford was part of the 46,000 acre contiguous parcel of property which was NOT the case. The properties leased by Mark Clifford were from many farmers in the 2 county region where the 2 camps were. I would have NEVER booked this hunt IF I was told the truth about the hunting areas. Most of the areas were between 600-1500 acres in expanse and therefore the local surrounding farms hunted their lands and paid no attention to the "trophy" rules which owner Mark Clifford demanded. There was no cooler or deer processing center on our property. As a matter of fact we were told that it was the hunters responsibility to clean and process the deer they harvested. There was only 1 deer taken with 7 hunters for a total of 35 days of hunting. That buck was in the 120-130 inch category and was roughly 2.5 years old. I don't know if that hunter was fined $1,000.00 or not since this was NOT a shooter buck. On the day I left the camp I never saw Mark Clifford to wish me good bye or any feedback of the poor hunt. Hunters be ware of this hunting operation. If you would like more information in regard to this hunt, please contact me at: 352-201-3106 (residence telephone) or [email protected] (personal email address)

Was the outfitter notified of problems? - YES

Outfitter's Response

Ok, I don't usually do this, but this guy is a complete ass, he is a liar and poor excuse of a person. EVERYONE in camp was offended by this person and wanted him gone. Even his own short term friend Bill was apologizing for his behavior. Notice I said short term friend. Michael tried to pick a fight with him on the ride back from one hunt on the 2nd day of the trip while riding with my guide Chris. Chris had to call him down. When his friend got back to camp he shared with me that he had never been on a hunt with him before and would never again. Also here is the part I know everyone will get upset about. Mike shot and wounded a buck the first morning on stand and told us he shot at a coyote we later learned this from his short term friend Bill. We wondered why he would not hunt that stand the next day after we put 600 lbs of corn there and had good shooters on camera. Now we Know. He also shot a button buck and dragged it off so we couldnt find it as told to his short term friend Bill all by text. Mike Wouldnt hunt that stand again demanded to be moved. Now we know why. After every hunt Mike said he did not see one single deer, this just does not happen with us, we were all scratching our heads in amazement. The last afternoon of Mikes hunt Chris placed him in a ground blind with a corn pile that he had seen a big shooter on the evening before. Chris out of curiosity watched with binos from 600 yards away and witnessed the buck return with 7 does and eat out of the pile, Chris called me and said if Mike tells him he didnt see anything tonight he knew he was not telling the truth because of what he was watching right then. As we were talking on the phone Chris said Mike must have shot because all the deer scattered and that the buck ran off but didnt appear to be wounded. When picked up Chris asked him what he shot and he said he did not see a deer.... but was missing a arrow that we found the next day, in the dirt 30 yards away. His short term friend was seeing so many deer and saw 7 different shooters and missed a shooter on the same farm. The farm Mike hunted was a 1500 acre farm that is loaded I mean loaded with big deer and his very accomplished guide Chris worked his butt of for him. Everybody in camp had to endure a bad time with this jack ass and he is lucky I didnt find out about his wrong doings until after he was gone.

I saw this guy in camp every night except one and he never expressed to me he was unhappy. But I herd every night from Chris how disrespectful Mike was. Heck he was shooting up the woods.

The short term friend Bill and Mike had booked a hunt in IL to follow their hunt with us and Bill told him he was so upset with his actions that he could not bare to be with him for another week and backed out of the hunt.

Bill text us while on the way back home with him and forwarded all the text to us Mike sent him during the hunt admitting to his wrong doings and I have them and would be glad to share them with anyone that wants to see them. Also his short term friend Bill called me and said that to expect a bad review from him because he wanted to cover his butt if he was found out, and that he the short term friend would be booking with us in 2016 and would be glad to speak to anyone about the review if needed. I have his number everyone! By the way he said he would never go hunting with him again and has ended the short friendship. Oh by the way He went as far as to register two different reviews on bowsite. Outfitters beware of this guy call me if you would like to speak with me about him..

Bill I look forward to having you in camp again and thanks for your honesty.

And thank you everyone for taking the time to read our side. I hate we even have to go through things like this.

Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - October 2015
Implement - Crossbow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Personal Guide - Chris
Number in Camp - 7
Outfitter Cost - $3,250.00
Other Costs - $1,200.00
Weather Information
Did Weather Affect your Hunt? Yes - Unusually Warm Conditions
Weather Comments:
The weather was sunny and nights were in the 40"s and the days in the 50's through the upper 60's
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