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Pine Acres Bear Camps

Hunter: delwayne wright
Pine Acres Bear Hunting Camp
Ratings to date: 121
Average Rating 4.8
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This was the very best hunt i have ever been on Chris is an excellent outfitter, it is all he has done his whole life, he is more knowledgeable about bears than the conservation people of the great white north and he has that secret ingredient in the bait that just keeps the bears coming back for more. if you want to see bears this is the place to go. On my trip i saw numerous bears, the baits were started at least a month in advance and bears are coming in on a regular basis. the camp is located in town which makes it really handy for license purchase and all the little necessities we all forget when we go on a trip, the meals are made in heaven and i always overeat which is my fault. i read an earlier post i would like to disagree with the person or party which i will leave nameless, complained about the camp freezer having blood in it well where i come from when there is blood in the cooler it means there is bears in the cooler, which is why we all go up there as for hunting a previous hunted bait that is simply not true Chris has never put anyone on a previously hunted bait to my knowledge i remember i happen to be in camp when this party was there they came in knowing everything about everything ,they were always walking all over camp, complaining and just trying to stir up trouble. this party needs to remember it is a bear hunt not a bear killing. will i go back? you can bank on it "PINE ACRES" is the best

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - August 2012
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Outfitted
Number in Camp - 16
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