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Hunter: Shane Akers
West Virginia
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This was my first guided hunt. I was a little nervous at first about going because I didn't want to be told where and how to hunt but that was all over after the first morning yes they assign you your spot but it's your spot no one is with you while you hunt. If you bring your own stand you can use it but there stands are in good locations but I like hunting out of my own stand. The food was awesome and I'm a very picky eater. The guides are helpful and they want you to shoot deer. Four of us went together me and my buddy Kevin hunted a big farm with two other hunters out of all of us me and another guy killed bucks the one I killed was close to140 an the other one was even bigger but all of us seen several shooters. Out of the four of us that went together we all either killed or had MIA's or turned down good shooter bucks. Lodge was nice, people were nice, hunting was great.

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Hunt Information
Date of Hunt - November 2012
Implement - Compound Bow
Hunt Type - Guided
Personal Guide -
Number in Camp - 10
Outfitter Cost - $2,800.00
Other Costs - $600.00
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