Future of Hunting

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Question This is probably gonna sound stupid. My husband and I live in Dutchess County,NY. Recently he asked me to get info for him regarding where to find Hunter Safety Courses so that he can get his hunting license. Here's the stupid part. I have absolutely no idea where to find this info. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

- Jen 04/10/2005, ID=2533

Since this is a bowhunting site, I assume you are looking for bowhunter education? If so, the website is www.nbef.org. Good luck!

Question I live in a 2000 acre developement on Lookout Mtn. Georgia, of which only 600 acres are home sites. Our deer population has increased tremendously in the last few years. Our home owners association has agreed to allow a organized bow hunt. Please advise me on any ideas on how to plan a safe controlled hunt?

- Jimmy Stewart 03/28/2005, ID=2519

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Question I live is Southern Illinois where there are a lot of coyote. We have 10 acres on the edge of a subdivision, which is 3 miles from out town square. We have been noticing a very large coyote on our property. It was seen on our daughter's porch at 4 am, when she heard a noise, and came face to face with it. She said it didn't seem to be afraid of her, as it just stood there until she threw something at it. I saw it yesterday afternoon, as it ran from our pond to the property across the street. Do we need to worry about its presence? We do have many deer and fox who bed in the tree line around our property. We have been able to hear the coyote at night for 25 years, but this is a first. Should we be concerned? Our property is bordered by the city limits, which prohibits us from trying to shoot it. Any suggestions? Thank you

- Allison 02/09/2005, ID=2498

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