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Question Hi Larry, I am waiting for my Fox Triple Crown bow to be made. It will be 66" long and 47lb at 26". I have also gone for the tonkin bamboo and carbon limbs. Any idea what kind of speed I will get from it. I shoot 400grn Gold Tip carbons from my Zeta so will use similar arrows.

- Jon Lewis 10/21/2009, ID=3013

Congrats on ordering a Fox Triple Crown I truly enjoy shooting mine with the tonkin bamboo and carbon limbs. I haven't done any speed tests since my chrono toppled over and broke.

I'll bet your TC will be smokin' shooting the 400 gr. gold tips. Tune your bow for consistency and you will have hours of pleasure at the range.

Question I have a Martin Hunter Recurve 50lb pull with a 28 inch draw. After the arrow is released I get vibration through the bow. I was told to vary the brace height to reduce the vibration. I tried that and I have still to much vibration. Do you have any recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate the vibration in the bow? Is such vibration normal for a recurve? thanks Andy

- Andy Lommerse 06/12/2009, ID=3010

There is a certain amount of vibration in a recurve and some recurves have more than others. Changing the brace is one way to tune out some vibration. I find that placing silencers on the string can also dampen the vibration. Shooting a arrow with more mass weight than what you are currently shooting will also lessen the vibration. Best of luck in your shooting.


Question This may be a long one, sorry. I volunteered to instruct 4H kids in December on basic archery. I have been shooting a compound bow for about 15 years and am proficient out to 35 yards with it. I will be required to instruct on what ever type of bow the parent acquires for the youngster. It may be a long, recurve or compound bow. I ordered a Blacktail Takedown 62" Recurve set for 55# from Norman Johnson. It will take about a year to get it. I bought a Samick Take Down recurve set @ 50# to shoot in the meantime. I use Gold Tip 55/75 32" carbons, 5" shield cut feathers that I cut and fletched left wing. I put on 125 grain slick tips. After 4 days I can shoot a decent group at 15 yards, almost as good at 20 yards and can hit the target at 25 and 30 yards 99 percent of the time. The arrow comes out of the bow goes straight and hits hard indicating that the spine may be correct. When I am at full draw, there is about 1.5" of arrow in front of my fingers then the tip extends out from there. My anchor point is middle finger at corner of mouth. I am having problems judging distance from looking down the arrow but my horizontal is within a 12" spread at 25 to 30 yards. Any suggestions? Also, is it ok to assume that the 55# draw weight of the bow being built will be ok after shooting the 50# for a year? I am 52 years old, 5' 9" tall and have 73" from finger tip to finger tip with arms out stretched. I realize my arms are long but I do not walk huched over with my knuckles dragging the ground. How can I improve my accuracy and form so I don't develope bad habits early on? Thanks for your assistance.

- Kevin J. Kelly 06/03/2009, ID=3004

Kevin, it sounds like you are off to a great start and bravo to you for volunteering to help our archery youth in 4H.

I wouldn't change any of your direction as it all sounds within normal limits. I would suggest you treat yourself to some stellar instruction in the DVD titled Masters of the Barebow volume 3. It has some great tips from Rod Jenkins and Denny Sturgis. I have some tips in there too but I promise you I get no kick back from sales!

It is a great DVD for laying down proper fundamentals, Volumes 1 and 2 are good for getting an idea of styles of shooting and aiming methods.


Question I recently purchased a 50#@26" longbow and is 58" inches tall,I was wondering if I could use a 55" bowstring,and what type should it be if you could help me it would be appreciated. thanks, Edward Vollmar

- edward vollmar 05/24/2009, ID=3002

Hello Edward, congrats on your new longbow. A 55" bowstring should be very close to what you need. All bows can handle Dacron bowstring such as B500 or B50 by BCY and Brownell. But only designated bows can handle the non stretch type materials like dynaflight97 or fastflight. I don't have enough information to determine if your bow can handle d97 or ff, you would be safe to use Dacron.


Question just purchase a Bear tigercat 58" 58#@28". I need to know the suggested brace height and string lenght and strands.

- tom 05/12/2009, ID=2997

The suggested brace height on your bow is 7"to 7.5", the length of the string is something you will have to determine by trial in getting that brace height.

Try a string that measures 54.5" and twist it up to shorten it as needed.

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