1998's Most Practical Gear for Bowhunting

Bowhunting, at least as far as many hobbies go, isn't all that expensive of a pastime. That's not to say that you can't blow a fortune on gear or hunts. It's all too easy to max your credit card on, as my wife puts it, "all that stuff!" And what's really sad about the money we spend on this sport, responsibly or otherwise, is that it in no way guarantees we'll be more successful hunters.

While I'm pretty frugal when it comes to going on hunts (read that as my wife won't let me go on many hunts), I love to buy new gear. But, I try to buy only the most practical equipment. (I point this out to my wife constantly so that she might realize how much money I'm saving. That way I can afford to go on more hunts.) Of course, it's not always easy to tell what's practical until you actually use it... or until you hear from someone you trust about how well the equipment worked for them.

So to that end, what follows below is my New & Practical Gear List for 1998. This is equipment I've tested and put on my "must have" list. I believe this gear is also worth your examination. It may make your life a little easier in the field and help you fill your tag... at least as much as it's possible for gear to do so.

MQ1 & Ultra-Max Bows (Mathews Archery)

Predator II Recurve

Monarch ATB & Mountaineer II ATB Binoculars

Carbon Tech Arrows

Summit "Leveler" Platform and "Trophy Chair"

Guardian Climbing Safety Systems

Scent-Lok Camo Outerwear

D-Scent Odor Elimination System

3-J Corporation, PO Box 32, Fostoria, IA 51340, 712-332-5072

Detowis Pocket Press

I hope this column doesn't afflict you with the "Gotta Have It" syndrome. But if it does... just tell your wife how practical this stuff is. And by the way, please let me know about your experiences with these products.
[email protected] I'm always happy to talk with another "gear hound."